2015 GJCL Convention Results

Dacula JCL won more than twenty-five individual and group awards, culminating in these overall placings:
1st Place = School Spirit
3rd Place = Total points earned by a medium-sized delegation
5th Place = Average points per students by a medium-sized delegation
5th Place Overall in the Creative Arts category = Douglas Stewart
17th Place Overall in total points earned = Douglas Stewart
3rd Place, Chariot Race

Here are most of the individual contests.
Douglas S.
2nd Place, Greek Derivatives Exam
2nd Place, Dramatic Interpretation 
2nd Place, Graphic Arts (cartoon)
2nd Place, Modern Myth
4th Place, Greek Culture Exam
4th Place, Roman History Exam
5th Place, Mottoes, Abbreviations, and Famous Quotations Exam
5th Place, Latin Vocabulary Exam
5th Place, Latin Derivatives Exam
5th Place, Reading Comprehension (Advanced Prose) Exam
5th Place, Latin Literature Exam
5th Place, Mythology Exam
Jennah G.
3rd Place, Greek Derivatives Exam
4th Place, Latin Derivatives Exam
David H.
2nd Place, Greek Derivatives Exam
Gabriel E.
2nd Place, Latin Derivatives Exam
Cameron M.
Reading Comprehension (Advanced Poetry) Exam
Emily G.
Mythology Exam
Eric L.
2nd Place, Latin Oratory 
4th Place, Grammar I Exam
Jordan C.
4th Place, Advanced Grammar Exam
Kyle T.
5th Place, Softball Throw
Jennah G., Emily G., and Alan B.
1st Place, Group Costume Skit
Kendall H. and Ryan F.
5th Place, Couples Costume Contest