2019 AZJCL Convention

BASIS Tucson North students won 38 different awards.

Of special note:
Andrew W. (8th Grade) won 10 individual awards
Lorenzo L. (8th Grade) won 10 individual awards.  
Alexander B. (8th Grade) won 5 individual awards
Jackson W. (10th Grade) won 4 individual awards
Our Intermediate Certamen team (Greg A., Lorenzo L, Alexander B., and Andrew W.) finished 3rd
Our Advanced Certamen team (Meghna G., Riley R., and Jackson W.) came in 4th, just missing a top-3 finish.

Sight Latin Reading (Latin 2)
4th  -  Ruth B.
4th  -  Lorenzo L.

Sight Latin Reading (Advanced Poetry)
2nd   -  Kennedy W.

Sight Latin Reading (Advanced Prose)
3rd - Meghan G.

Latin Vocabulary Exam (Latin 2)
1st   -  Andrew W.

Latin Grammar Exam (Latin 2)
1st   -  Lorenzo L.
3rd   -  Andrew W.
5th   -  Spencer A.

Latin Grammar Exam (Latin 4+)
3rd   -  Jackson W.

Roman Mythology Exam (Latin 2)
2nd   -  Alexander B.
4th   -   Andrew W.

Roman Culture Exam (Latin 2)
1st   -  Andrew W.
2nd   -  Lorenzo L.
4th   -  Gregory A.
5th   -  Alexander B.

Roman Culture Exam (Latin 4+)
2nd  - Jackson W.

Mottoes and Quotations Exam (Latin 2)
3rd   -  Lorenzo L.

Ancient Geography Exam (Latin 2)
2nd  -  Alexander B.
2nd  -  Andrew W.
3rd  -  Lorenzo L.

Roman History Exam (Latin 2)
1st  -  Andrew W.
2nd  -  Lorenzo L.
3rd  -  Alexander B.

Roman History Exam (Latin 4+)
2nd  -  Jackson W.

Latin Derivatives Exam (Latin 2)
1st   -  Lorenzo L.
2nd - Andrew W.

Latin Derivatives Exam (Latin 4+)
3rd  -  Jackson W.

Greek History Exam (Latin 2)
1st  -  Lorenzo L.
1st  -  Andrew W.
1st  -  Alexander B.

Greek Derivatives (Latin 2)
1st  -  Lorenzo L.
2nd  -  Andrew W.

2nd  -  Alex B.
2nd  -  Lorenzo L.
4th  -  Andrew W.

Graphic Arts (Jewelry)
1st   -  Ruth B. 

Graphic Arts (Misc.)
2nd   -  Kennedy W.