The Dacula High School Junior Classical League

The Latinitas Trophy

The Latinitas Trophy will go to the one Dacula Junior Classical League member who earns the highest total of Latinitas points through the academic year (starting with the NJCL Convention in July and ending with the State Latin Convention in April).  The winner's name will be engraved on the Latinitas Trophy along with the year and point total.  The winner will also receive a framed certificate to record this incredible achievement.

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The GJCL State Latin Convention Scholarship Award

The GJCL Convention Scholarship will go to the DHS JCL member who earns the highest total of points on convention preparation and practice activities between the convention intro meeting (mid-March) and the final convention meeting (the day before Convention).  The scholarship reimburses the full Convention registration fee to the winner.  The winner's name will be engraved on a plaque along with the year, and the winner will receive a framed certificate to record his or her achievement.  Here is the list of activities, entries, and practices which result in points towards this scholarship competition.

Dacula High School Varsity Letter

Each DHS JCL member who accrues at least one hundred Latinitas points in the academic year will earn a Varsity Letter for his or her excellence and dedication.  Members who wish to be eligible for the Varsity Letter must have at least an 80% average in the current year of Latin and must attend both Fall Forum and the GJCL State Latin Convention.  Students must also be JCL members in good standing, meaning their dues are paid and there are not any discipline issues regarding DHS, GJCL, or NJCL events.

End of the Year Awards

The five DHS JCL members in each level of Latin (Latin I, II, III, and AP-V) who earn the highest Latinitas point totals will be recognized for their exceptional achievements.  The names of the first, second, and third place DHS JCL members from each level will be engraved on a plaque with the year and their point totals.  These members will also receive a framed certificate to record their incredible achievements.  The members in fourth and fifth place will also receive framed certificates.

Mid-Year Awards

The DHS JCL member with the highest Latinitas point total in each level of Latin by first semester's final exam will receive a $10 gift card and a framed certificate in recognition of his or her outstanding success halfway through the year.