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SALVETE ITERUM!  Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will listen to the "Pyramus and Thisbe (lines 147-166) recitation", open this SurveyMonkey and follow the directions. 
(2) We will take this Gimkit over Pyramus and Thisbe (lines 157-166).
(3) We will translate Pyramus and Thisbe (lines 157-166).
(a) have your Pyramus and Thisbe lines printed out so you can write on them
(b) have your Pyramus and Thisbe text scan open (either on computer or printed out) to reference
(c) Remember that you can always review your translation via my YouTube channel.
(d) I will be present in class the entire time if you have any questions - just send me a chat!
Pyramus and Thisbe lines 147-166 (Grammar) Buzz Quiz
Pyramus and Thisbe lines 147-166 (Comprehension) Buzz Quiz

Today is reserved for you to study and prepare for your test tomorrow.
Please feel free to get help from Mr. Yaggy.
Remember also that you can use Mr. Yaggy's YouTube channel to help you check your translations.
All previous Buzz quizzes are open for you to use as a study tool.
Pyramus and Thisbe lines 147-166 (Grammar) Buzz Quiz
Pyramus and Thisbe lines 147-166 (Comprehension) Buzz Quiz

Pyramus and Thisbe Test

SALVETE ITERUM!  Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Watch the "Yagcast Daphne and Apollo" episode (YouTube, 22 minutes) and/or you can download and listen to the attached MP3 file.  You need the Latin lines in front of you so you can follow along. 
(2) Download and listen to the attached "Daphne and Apollo (lines 452-473) recitation" (5 minutes long) (note that this is an MP3 file, which will open up with whatever your default MP3 audio playback is.  For most PC users it is Windows Media Player and iTunes for most Mac.  Here is a helpful website if you're having trouble opening it).
(3) While listening to the "Daphne and Apollo (lines 452-473) recitation", open this SurveyMonkey and follow the directions.  
(4) Download, save, and print a copy of the attached "Daphne and Apollo lines" pdf AND the "Daphne and Apollo text scan".
 Download, save, and open the "Daphne and Apollo Cartoon Project." I will explain this during the second half of class.

Today, you will begin working on your storyboardthat.com Daphne and Apollo cartoon.
Remember that you cartoon is due Thursday at 6am.
Please see the attached example (Amores 1.1), which illustrates:
(1) typography, spelling, punctuation is without error
(2) all of the Latin is representing (omitting nothing, although adapting the punctuation when necessary)
(3) clear, illustrative, and demonstrative graphics visualizing Ovid's words in each frame
Please be sure to refer to the rubric and the explanation for all specs of this assignment.  As I noted yesterday, macrons are not required, but if your set-up allows that they be utilized, please do so.