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SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
 Take this Gimkit to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of cognitio.
(2) We will read cognitio together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code ZCBXPU).
(3) Assess your understanding of cognitio with the Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Review the vocabulary of cognitio with this Gimkit.
(2) Review a bit of what we read yesterday with questions #1-11 of this "ars grammatica" worksheet on Classkick.
(3) Log into this (different) Pear Deck when you're done, and we will read about Quintus' triumphant return!
(4) Assess your understanding of cognitio with the Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
 We will begin by discussing what you read yesterday in cognitio.
(2) The focus of today is on About the language 1: indirect statement (concluded) - watch this EdPuzzle video and respond to the questions.
(3) Assess your understanding of these types of indirect statement by taking the Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will start by reviewing indirect statements with this "indirect statement" worksheet on Classkick.
(2) Next, we see how things are turning out for Salvius (hint: not good).  Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary of desperatio 1.
(3) We will read desperatio 1 together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code ijqnxi).
(4) Take the Buzz quiz over desperatio 1.

*Mr. Yaggy is absent today, although it may be possible for him to monitor your progress in real time, so please send him a chat message with any questions you have.
Review the vocabulary of desperatio 1 with this Gimkit.
(2) Log back into this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code ijqnxi) over desperatio 1 (now "student-paced") and follow the directions on each slide.  If your answers (from yesterday) to slides 2, 6, and 12 aren't populated, you can skip those three slides.
(3) If, after reading the story more closely, you would like another attempt at the desperatio 1 Buzz quiz, you can do so now.
(4) Read desperatio 2 and assess your understanding with that comprehension quiz on Buzz.