9th Grade Latin III - Week 34 < Week 35 > Week 36

Congratulations on finishing!
If you're happy with your grade, you're done! You may use class time to work on whatever AP is coming up.
If you are not happy with your grade, here's what you can do about it:

(a) I've sent each of you a grade report.  Review it, and send me a chat with the tests (Stages 35, 36, 38, 39, 40) you'd like to attempt for a higher grade.
(b) For each test retake, you need to come up with a plan for what items/topics from that stage (or previous stages) you need a better understanding of in order for the retake to be successful.  This is a minimum of three Buzz quizzes on which you must prove mastery by earning at least 90%.
(c) I will review your proposal, and together we will decide on your course of action to "unlock" your test retake.
(d) Once you have completed your review and satisfied the requirement of earning 90-100% on the quizzes, you may retake the test. You may only retake a test once.
FOR EXAMPLE, your Stage 35 grade is low.  You want to retake it.  You decide on the following:
1. You don't understand indirect statements, so you will:
(a) watch the video tutorial on indirect statements (on the directions page of the Buzz quiz)
(b) take the ATL 1: indirect statement" and
(c) take the "ATL: indirect statement (Part II)" Buzz quizzes.
*You must earn a minimum of 90% on each
2. You need to review noun cases, so you will ask Mr. Yaggy how to do that and how to show mastery over that. Mr. Yaggy offers you a tutorial video over that concept and points you to a Noun Case Review Buzz quiz. Then, you will 
(a) watch the video tutorial on noun cases (Mr. Yaggy can provide the link in a chat message)
(b) take the "Noun Case Review" Buzz quiz.
*You must earn a minimum of 90% on it