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Mock Caesar Exam (multiple choice)

Reading Day

Mock Caesar Exam (short answer and translation)
This is required viewing! How to make a 5 on your APLAT essay. [15 minute video, take notes].
You have one goal on Thursday's mock essay: make a 5. It makes a monumental difference in your score. Here is how you do that.

Mock Caesar Exam (essay)
discuss review plan

Today, we will review Aeneid 1 (lines 1-39).
When you are translating, read from your textbook (not your notes).  
If you find that you're having trouble with a section, highlight it in your notes (or use a sticky note and put in your book for later).
Remember to check with my YouTube channel to resolve any uncertainties.
You have a TON of additional resources at your disposal for practice.  
(I expect that you devote about 15 minutes/day outside of class from this list):
(1) Aeneid 1 vocabulary review with Gimkit (lines 1-1112-2223-3334-45)
(2) Buzz quizzes over lines 1-22.
(3) AP Classroom, which has some useful example questions.
(4) Need noun/adjective case review? There's a Buzz quiz for that - Aen. 1.23-32 (case review)
Due on by Monday, 6am at the latest, download at least one of the attached free response practice question sets (Aen 1.12-22, 58-63).  
Turn it in here (through MS Teams).