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SALVETE ITERUM!  Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Take this Gimkit over Amores 3.15.
(2) While listening to the "Amores 3.15 recitation," open this SurveyMonkey and follow the directions.  
(3) We will read lines 11-20 of Amores 3.15.
(a) have your Amores 3.15 lines printed out so you can write on them
(b) have your Amores text scan open (either on computer or printed out) to reference
(c) Remember that you can always review your translation via my YouTube channel.
DUE WEDNESDAY at 10:30am
(1) Amores 3.15 Grammar Buzz Quiz
(2) Amores 3.15 Comprehension Buzz Quiz

Review and test prep

Test (Amores 1.12, 3.15)

For your Tri 2 project, you will write two 1-2 page analytical essays (contained all in the same document and due by 6am February 1st).  
You will choose your favorite poem from the Metamorphoses and another from the Amores that we have read this year and tell me why they are your favorites.
Step 1:
Choose a poem from the Metamorphoses that you really enjoyed.
Choose a poem from the Amores that you really enjoyed.
Send me an email or a chat by the end of the period today with your two selections.
Step 2:
For each poem, write 1-2 pages (12 pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced) telling me about your choice.  Why is it your favorite? Look at word choice, grammar/syntax, figures of speech, historical context, etc. to explain what it is about the selections which resonate with you. Why did the author write it that way?
The ONE document containing BOTH analytical essays is due by 6:00am on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1st.  You will upload it to Teams or attach it to an email to Mr. Yaggy.
Some caveats:
Your job is to show that you REALLY understand each selection.  Anyone can look up a translation, compare it to the Latin, and conclude, "This is what this says."  Analyze!  Synthesize!  Tell me how the Latin connects with you and why it connects with you.  Show me that you understand the Latin.  Explain why you think the author wrote it the way that he did.  Provide the historical/cultural context of the passage.
As with everything else, your work should be your own work.  You cannot give or receive help.  You cannot copy/paste someone else’s work/translations.  Everything needs to be authentically your own. 
A rubric is forthcoming.  Contact me with questions.

Work on your Ovid written project (due Monday at 6am)