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Tutorial Presentations
1. Audrey
2. Owen
3. Max
4. Gabe

Tutorial Presentations
1. Juliette
2. Vivian
3. Kimberly

Rome: Episode 3


We will play a Gimkit with the vocabulary of the laudatio Turiae 1.
Brief lecture on events of 49-27 BC
Today we will read the laudatio Turiae (part 1) on pp. 154 of the attached Stage 43 from Cambridge Latin Course.
Comprehension questions:
Lines 1-6:
1. What happened to Turia’s parents on the day before Turia’s wedding day?
2. What does the laudatio claim she did about it?
3. What do you think this means?
Lines 7-10:
3. How did Turia make sure her husband, Vespillo, had money when he fled? [lines 7-8]
4. What else did she do for him? What does mihi . . . praebuisti mean?
5. Based on the above, where do you think Vespillo went?
Lines 11-15:
6. What did Vespillo’s friends want him to do?
7. What was Turia’s consilium?
8. What do you think Vespillo means by me defendere assidue conareris, non sine magno periculo tuo (lines 14-15)?