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No School

As has been the case with previous Narrationes, here are the requirements:
(1) extemporaneous (you are encouraged to have a vocabulary list to reference)
(2) 60 seconds in length
- mistakes are okay, stumbling over your words is okay, 100% effort is enough.

Today we will watch Rome: Episode 4 Stealing from Saturn.
You will find the movie in the files and we will all watch at the same time.
Be sure to be on the lookout for a scene for your next narratio.
Sign up for your next narratio via this Google Doc.

Today, we will take a first look at Petronius' Satyricon and the Cena Trimalchionis with this Pear Deck presentation!
You can also go to joinpd.com and use the code gykrj.

Today, we will take a look at Trimalchio's wife, Fortunata, and Scintilla (the wife of a man named Habinnas).
Start the class familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary with this Gimkit. (10 minute max - try to get to $30k).
Then, we'll look at the attached Latin together.
Monday will be a work day to prepare your narratio
Tuesday, we will deliver our narrationes.