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Today is a work-day to prepare for your narrationes!
For this one. I want you to focus on a description of the actions/events, rather than providing a physical description of the picture (many of you already evolved to this point with your last narrationes anyway).  A couple pointers, avoid "in sinistra parte picturae" etc. (you guys have that down), and instead focus on action verbs.  What are they doing? Why are they doing it?
Remember to keep using those infinitive phrases! They are so helpful and I don't think we've reached a comfort level yet:
vult/volunt = "he/she/they want(s)"
non vult/nolunt = "he/she/they don't want/refuse"
potest/possunt = "he/she/they is/are able/can"
necesse est + dative + infinitive = "it is necessary for ___ to ______"
placet + dative + infinitive = "it is pleasing for ___ to ____"


Today we will watch Rome Episode 5: The Ram has Touched the Wall

SALVETE!  Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS.
First, we will review our project on Cicero's letters, pair up, and pick our letters.
The rest of the period (and Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) are yours to work with your partner on the project.  
See the attached PDF.  The final product is due Wednesday at 6am.

Today is a workday for our Cicero's Letters project.