8th Grade Latin II - Week 1 > Week 2

Thursday (Ne/Kr only)

SALVETE! I am EXCITED to teach you!
(1) Discuss expectations
(2) Discuss our syllabus and the plan for the year (syllabus is forthcoming, but we will be learning the material in Stages 17-30)
(3) Discuss JCL and other items (briefly)
(4) Together, we will access and log into the various programs utilized by this course, which will make your life easier and make learning better.
-Buzz (your username is your the first letter of your first name and then last name, like PYaggy or TSwift). <--- BOOKMARK THIS PAGE
-Remind (text @yaggy8 to the number 81010; if you joined the JCL Remind last year, you're still active there)
-Gimkit (access the website but ALSO enroll in our Latin II class here)<--- BOOKMARK THIS PAGE

DUE MONDAY by 6am:
(1) Complete the "Terms and Conditions" quiz on Buzz.

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