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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

*students need reinforcement of beginning of year procedures: coming in, sitting down, filling out CJ, and completing the "Do Now" silently and without prompting.  Questions need to wait until after these tasks are completing, otherwise the beginning of the period is very hectic and chaotic.
Do Now: Complete PTL 1 (Stage 13) on p. 14... do not translate.  Match the verbs. (a check to see how well we understand subject-verb agreement with perfect tense 1/2/3 sing)
Go over exercise and review the ideas of infinitives, volo/nolo/possum, and verb conjugations (across the board, they remembered less of this than I expected)
Hand back quizzes from Friday - good job!  You will reproduce the model sentences (with ablative) on your next quiz, which will be on NEXT Friday (8/27) - you have a review test THIS Friday
Class set of books... put in basket under chair - PDFs of each stage located on Buzz (in relevant folders... vocab and language info at bottom of course)
Stages 13-14 is the focus today.
introduce ablative case (St. 14 ATL 3: prepositional phrases) by having students chant/remember ab, de, ex, pro, cum, in, sine, sub - discuss what they will have to do on Buzz quiz
Show video of Felix et fur (because I promised last week I would!)
in tablino: show video (comp questions available on Buzz)... complete comprehension questions on worksheet (students do not have tablets yet)
We did not finish this (worked for last 15 minutes of class period)
Buzz Quizzes: (1) Match the Object to Its Preposition (from St. 14), (2) About the language: posse, nolle, velle (from St. 13) 

Do Now: finish "in tablino" comprehension questions
students had very little difficulty with the two Buzz quizzes.  Mention prepositions e and a as shortened version of ex and ab, taking ablative
Discuss review test on Friday, what will be on it ("Review Test 2021 Study Guide" worksheet)
Quintus advenit (translation practice)
To practice vocabulary, join the 8th grade Gimkit class with this link (and then type in your email)
Then, you can practice with this Stage 13 quiz and this Review Vocab quiz.


Concepts for review:
reading comprehension (a story you haven't read before but on par with Stages 13-14)... practice with the following on Buzz: Salvius fundum inspicit (St. 13); Rufilla, Domitilla cubiculum parat 1, tripodes argentei, in tablino (St. 14)
Noun cases (nom, dat, acc, abl)... emphasis on dative case
verb tenses (present, imperfect, perfect)
subject-verb agreement, infinitive phrases with volo/nolo/possum