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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Practicing the Language 2 (on Buzz, if possible; focus on infinitive phrases)
Go over this, as well as how to make educated guesses with unfamiliar vocab
Discuss vocab quiz on Friday (give out copy of quiz)... which words on checklist are/are not tested, what macrons must be learned (2nd conj. infinitive, portA in model sentences).. spelling counts
Talk about how to study (especially since they were not quizzed on vocab during online learning)
Practice model sentences including ablative case
Stage 15 Model sentences: show ppt with just pictures and describe in Latin... students label worksheet with same pictures with nouns and verbs they hear
After vocabulary is mastered, show actual captions with relative pronouns
end lesson with simple look at relative pronouns: qu- words = wh- words!
Draw what you read in lines 1-8 of ad aulam on worksheet "agmen splendidum" (Last few minutes of class... just starting)
Read through and have different kids draw different parts on board... check for accuracy
Repeat a lot of the vocab and discuss
Buzz quizzes: "ad aulam (lines 1-9) Reading Comprehension Quiz," "Practicing the Language 1+2 (p. 54)"

Do Now: finish drawing of "ad aulam" (lines 1-9) on AM worksheet "agmen splendidum" (allow 5 minutes)
Have volunteers depict on board what they drew on their worksheets (different person for each section)
Once picture on board is set, pair up everyone and give each partner one minute to describe the picture in Latin to the other student.  This is "Go! Dog, Go!" not Shakespeare.
Use the pictures to review the first 9 lines and be sure to reinforce some of the ideas that were frequently missed on the reading comp Buzz quiz (what the slaves were doing at the front of the line, to whom "eos" refers)
Split class into two groups: (1) translate Salvius' dialogue, and (2) translate Varica and the iuvenes' dialogue (we read the italicized together)
Reinforce vocab that will show up on quiz tomorrow (agmen, tenere, alius, redire, debere, claudere, commodum) and relative pronoun translations
most missed from PTL 1-2 Buzz quiz [did not get to this]
Practice model sentences including ablative case for quiz tomorrow

STAGE 15 VOCABULARY QUIZ (Stage 15 vocab checklist, model sentences including ablative case)
when done with quiz, 
"caerimonia" - comprehension questions with video
pass back tests for quick look at how we did