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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Objectives: (1) reaffirm qu words = wh words, (2) understand clauses when the relative pronoun is accusative (like #3b, d, f of ATL 1), (3) understand ludi funebres 1
Do Now: worksheet "Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns" Part A - circle the relative pronoun and draw arrow to antecedent only
Review this to be sure students can ID a relative pronoun and understand what it is describing
Continue by translating the sentences together (paying special attention to 1, 2, 6, 8 in which the pronoun is the acc/DO of the clause) 
Leave Part B of worksheet for Wednesday
ATL 1: relative clauses
ludi funebres 1:
1. Translate the phrase ludi funebres and explain why these are happening.
2. Which tribes are there (lines 2-3)?
3. Which of the tribes is feeling really confident? In what two types of games did they back up that confidence with victories? (lines 4-7)
4. What was the last of these games (lines 8-9?
5. Which two tribes competed? Who led each? (lines 9-11)
6. Make a prediction.. based on how each leader is described, whom do you think will win? Why?
7. Translate lines 13-15 (subito . . . sustulerunt).
Retakes of the St. 15 Vocabulary Quiz any time before Friday morning.  Tell me when you're coming and I'll have your quiz ready for you.
Buzz: ATL 1: relative clauses and Relative Pronouns Practice 1

Do Now: Most Missed from last night's homework
Hand out Stage 15 Test Review worksheet
Look at Test Review worksheet - start here to give greater purpose to what we're doing today
ATL 2: imperfect of possum, etc. - review briefly the forms of poterat, volebat, and nolebat
ludi funebres 2 (Buzz comprehension questions if possible) - use AM worksheet (but note that some info is from 4e)
Look at last test and figure out what you missed and why - apply to tomorrow's test
Buzz: ATL 2: imperfect tense of possum (tense ID), ATL 2: imperfect tense of possum (translation)
Tonight, practice with Gimkit of Stage 15 Test Vocab here.
(If you haven't done so, first join our class here)