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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

School Holiday

Tuesday (Ne/Kr only)
We will go over Friday's test and discuss most missed items.  
Extra credit Buzz quiz over most missed items due Thursday (6am)
Last Days of Pompeii (last 50 minutes of class) - students complete worksheet of questions during film and turn in at end of period

*pick up packet of Stage 16 worksheets
*for Xe/Ar/Rn: e
xtra credit Buzz quiz over most missed items due Friday (6am)
Do Now: translate #1-3 on p. 60 (no dictionary - use context of pictures to work through meaning)
review model sentences (1-6) and focus on relative pronouns
(correct pluperfect mistranslations, but don't dwell on them)
Belimicus ultor:
refresh background - What happened in the last stage with the boat race?
students read 1-5 aloud - how does he feel? how do you know?... white boards and cold calls
Focus on iste Dumnorix me decepit. me in scopulum impulit et praemium iniuste cepit (lines 6-7) - is this really what happened?  
Go back to last paragraph of St. 15 ludi funebres 2 to find evidence for/against his viewpoint
lines 7-8 - what does he decide to do about it? (decorum . . . punire)
lines 9-12 - what do you think his plan will be (we probably remember from last year)?... find out with 13-14
lines 15-20 - read together
lines 21-25 - translate (great practice with infinitive phrases, the pronoun eam (here, "it"), sibi (here, "to himself"))
post-reading Belimicus ultor: "Belimicus ultor" AM worksheet (choose correct ending to each sentence) - from memory
Shift to language... note relative pronouns in the story: quos (line 3), qui (line 4), quas (line 10), quam (line 11)... consolidate
Two final details: give meanings and cases of cuius and cui (treat as separate vocabulary)
Wednesday (Xe/Ar/Rn) only: give back tests and discuss (take them back up)
Buzz: "Relative Pronoun Practice"

Do Now: "Relative Clauses" AM worksheet - do not translate.  HINT: match the clause to the sentence by looking at the gender and number of the antecedent
Review relative pronouns and clauses... work on translations with worksheet
Review pluperfect vs. perfect with "Perfects and pluperfects" AM worksheet
Review -ne, num, nonne with "nonne and num" AM worksheet (read aloud sentences, students choose the appropriate answer)
If time, practice model sentences and look at vocabulary from checklist (narrow list down)
Buzz Quizzes: "Even More Relative Pronouns Review" and "Practicing the Language (p. 58)"