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School Holiday

Tuesday (Ne/Kr only)
extra day

SALVETE! Today's class with be 1/2 SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will look at the "most missed" items from About the language: genitive case quizzes using this Pear Deck. (or go to joinpd.com and enter code: royzn)
(2) Now, practice what you just learned with Practicing the Language 1 (p. 83) Buzz quiz
(3) We will review our progress on that assignment and the concept of noun cases
(4) The rest of class is work time to prepare for the test.  
 You may wish to: 
 (a) take this Gimkit on the vocabulary of the story on the test
 (b) practice the various grammatical concepts with the appropriate Buzz quizzes.
 (c) practice for the story comprehension by reading the story ad templum (pp. 81-82) and taking the associated Buzz quiz (especially if you have not already done so).
*REMEMBER: A higher grade on this test will replace a lower Stage 16 Test grade.

Stage 17 Test
The test is 40 questions (multiple choice and free response) and 50 minutes.
You need a password to access the test.
*remember that a better grade on this test replaces a worse grade on the Stage 16 test