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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: To the best of your ability, fill in the blanks with the correct adjective/adverb (positive, comparative, superlative, nth degree) on "A quick refresher..." worksheet
Review and discuss
Go to ATL 2 comparison of adverbs on Buzz and complete once
Quick recap of events from in thermis (a minute or two)... and with a partner, fill out "Dialogue detection" worksheet (just choose person and then answer B... don't translate)
Now, let's translate epistula Cephali together (keep the pace up)
Review/Consolidate with "epistula Cephali" worksheet (complete through line 14... #4 on "epistula Cephali" AM worksheet)
Last 10 minutes or so, look back at ATL 2... take Buzz quiz again if needed and also take part 2 (focusing on example sentences and reinforcement of irregulars)

Do Now: review the first half of epistula Cephali and fill out #1-4 in part A of "epistula Cephali" AM worksheet
Discuss and continue with lines 15-25... talk through questions B and C together.
Read Britannia perdomita and answer the comprehension questions on Buzz
Review for test:
recap of participles ("Participle Review" on Buzz)
recap of adverbs ("Adverb Review" on Buzz)
Remember that the free response portion will be the chart of irregular adverbs on p. 44 with 10 of the Latin words left off (all English is provided)

(1) Story (unseen) - prepare with this vocabulary Gimkit
(2) Review of Participles (ID, translate, identify noun each modifies)
(3) Review of Adjectives and Adverbs (ID different degrees (positive, comparative, superlative, nth), translate)
(4) Free response will be reproduction of chart on p. 44 with 10 of the Latin words blanked out - spelling counts