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*Download the attached Stage 26 Text Scan PDF
(1) Take this Buzz quiz on Agricola (reading the information on p. 100-103)
 Get familiar with the vocabulary of the story adventus Agricolae with this Gimkit.
(3) Complete this adventus Agricolae PearDeck (joinpd.com with code apnmvs): using the draw tool, you will draw (stick figures!)
a depiction of what each portion of the Latin narrative is saying.
(4) Review noun cases with Practicing the language 1 p. 99 Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!
Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary of adventus Agricolae
(2) We will refresh our memory of the story with a recitation.
(3) Review adventus Agricolae with a Kahoot matching your pictures to the appropriate caption from the story.
(4) Take this in principiis Gimkit to review the vocabulary of that story.
(5) Read the story in principiis on p. 93 in your book (Stage 26) and take this Buzz quiz as you read. 
(6) Review noun cases and participles with the PTL 3 p. 99 Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will first learn about purpose clauses by watching this EdPuzzle video on About the language 1.
(2) Then, you will assess your understanding of purpose clauses with "About the language 1: purpose clause" Buzz quiz.
 First, we will review the vocabulary of in principiÄ«s with this Gimkit.
(4) Now, I'd like to revisit the story in principiÄ«s - this is a great story with a HUGE reveal at the end! Did you find out what it is?!?!
Because this is such a huge deal (and such a good story), I want to give you another shot at the Buzz quiz (comprehension questions) you completed on Wednesday. See below:
 - If you earned a grade you're happy with, congratulations you're done!
 - If you earned an 80%+, you have the option of retaking it for a better grade.  The higher grade is the one that counts.
 - If you earned below an 80%, you must retake the quiz (or your grade reverts to 0%). Take your time! 
 - If you did not attempt the quiz, you must take it for a maximum grade of 80%.