8th Grade Latin II - Week 35 < Week 36

Your Latin Comprehensive Exam will be on Wednesday, May 19th.  You are allowed to take it at any point between 7am-7pm.  However, plan on taking it before 1pm so we can deal with any logistical/tech issues that may arise before the 7pm time limit.*

On Monday, follow these steps:
: When you are ready to take the comp, send me a "chat" on Teams to tell me that you are ready
STEP 2: I will reply to your message with the Comp as an attachment.
STEP 3: Open the attachment and take the comp.  You have one hour.  Be sure to SAVE YOUR WORK.
STEP 4: Attach your completed comp to a "chat" to me.

*If you need to take the comp after 1pm, send me a chat to tell me when you plan on taking it.

Comp Schedule:
Monday, May 17th - English, Physics, Biology 
Tuesday, May 18th - History, Chemistry, Econ
Wednesday, May 19th - LATIN and Math