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SALVETE! Today's class is mostly ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Start with somewhat of a pre-test to see how you're doing. Without looking up anything or using any resources, take the "Masada 1 (lines 1-19) Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz.  You have 30 minutes to answer 25 questions.
- 15 questions are purely reading comprehension
- 10 questions are grammatical/syntactical in nature.  
(2) When you are done, send me a chat message with how many questions you missed of the following (copy and paste the list):
- reading comprehension
- ID subjunctive clause
- ID verb tense (indicative or subjunctive)
- translate verb (paying attention to tense and voice)
- ID and/or translate an ablative of means
- ID noun case
(3) I will respond with a couple things you can work on to be more prepared for your comprehensive exam.
(4) Work on those things
(5) Take the "Masada 1 (lines 20-38) Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz as a post-test.

SALVETE! Today's class will be half SYNCHRONOUS!
 We will start by looking at some concepts that your work on Monday shows we need to review.  Head over to this Classkick worksheet and answer the questions without looking anything up.
(2) We will review and reaffirm your understanding of these concepts together.
(3) Next, you will test your skills by taking the "arcus Titi I Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz (35 questions in 30 minutes).
(4) Review your results and write down any questions you have.  We will discuss and work through whatever is needed.
(5) Finally, take the "arcus Titi II Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz (all free response, no time limit, one attempt). I will grade this after class and we will discuss on Friday.
*(6) If needed, you may retake the "arcus Titi I Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz once to try to earn a higher score. You may do this with any remaining time in class or after class (the due date is Friday, 6am).

Your Latin IIb Comp is on Wednesday, May 19th, at 10:45am.  You will have one hour to answer 30 multiple choice questions (no free response), and all questions (reading comprehension and grammatical/syntactical) will derive from a story having to do with Modestus and Strytho.
Based on your performance on our pre-tests this week, I've aggregated some excellent resources for you:

(1) Previous tests (on Buzz): despite what they say on the directions pages, you can practice with these an unlimited number of times. 
IMPORTANT: When you retake a test, you need to send me a chat message so that I know to grade the free response.  If you don't send me a chat message, you won't get the grade/feedback.
(a) Stage 28 Testyou'll want to practice with this because this is our most recent test, and so it has all of the language structures and most recent vocabulary on it.
(b) Stages 23, 24, 25, and 27 Testsyou'll want to take these because the story on the Comp Exam has to do with Strythio and Modestus, just as these two tests do.
(c) Stage 26 Testwhile the story is not about Strythio and Modestus, this is still excellent practice because it covers the more recent concepts.

(2) Gimkits over the test stories for Stage 23Stage 24, and Stage 27:  All of this vocabulary is relevent to the Comp and excellent practice.

(3) Buzz QuizzesYou need to decide what you need to work on, and then target those skills. However, here are a few that I am highlighting for you:
(a) Noun Case Identification (w/ arcus Titi II)simply identify what case each highlighted noun is. If you have a C or below right now, you need this fundamental review
(b) Masada I, Masada II, arcus Titi I Comprehension Questions (Stage 29): multiple choice questions covering the most recent language we've seen.
(c) Modestus promotus 1 (Stage 27): multiple choice reading comprehension
(d) Modestus perfuga 1 (Stage 25): multiple choice reading comprehension

(4) Other Buzz Quizzesyou have the full range of every Buzz quiz in the Unit 3 Buzz course at your disposal.  IMPORTANT: If you take a quiz that includes free response questions that are not auto-graded, you will need to send me a chat message to let me know which quiz (and in what stage). For grammar, remember that participles (ID type and translation) and the subjunctive (ID and translate tenses, ID and translate clauses) were BIG deals this year.

(5) LAST THINGS! Here are a couple items that I'm worried about for you:
(a) Uses of the genitive (possession, quantity, and description) - you may want to review this and practice with the Stage 22 "About the language 2: More about the genitive" Buzz quiz.
(b) The gerundive - you may want to review this and practice with the Stage 26 "About the language 2: gerundives" Buzz quiz.
(c) You do NOT need to worry about passive voice or the ablative of means.