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Do Now: most missed (ATL pluperfect and rex spectaculum dat 2)
Quintus de se:
(1) read out loud. Start with pic from model sentences showing Quintus and Cogidubnus talking and looking at flowers. Then, show blank map of Med. on the board... trace route from Pompeii, to Neapolis, to Athens (by way of Brundisium), then to Alexandria
(2) then look at "Quintus de se" AM worksheet (drawing... cross out the last box that references the beginning of Stage 17 and mark out the Brundisium sentence in the caption at top of 2nd page b/c 4th edition text)... 15 minutes to draw
(3) pick best drawing and reproduce on white board... I'll orchestrate choosing some to show whole class and we discuss.
(4) partner up: partner A describes in Latin his/her picture, then partner B describes A's picture; then, the partner B describes his/her picture, then partner A describes B's picture
(5) work on this as a class... show pictures and pick people to narrate
(6) last five minutes of class... put everything away... partner A retells story in Latin to partner B; then vice versa
Buzz Quiz: Quintus de se comprehension questions

Do Now: most missed
Translate Quintus de se together (cold calling)
Review for test
pluperfect tense ("name that verb" AM worksheet)
relative pronouns ("relative pronouns with Quintus and Metella" and "what two options" worksheets)
Gimkit for vocabulary that will appear in the story on the test.