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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Practicing the language 2 (verb tense review)
*one class had difficulty only with the last three, the other class had more difficulty across the board.  We reviewed ego/tu/nos/vos subject-verb agreement extensively
Use Pear Deck to read model sentences (Quintus de Alexandria)
tumultus 1 - pre-reading: Where is Quintus going? With whom? What sort of difficulty was there? What does the other person suggest? What does Quintus decide?
Ask students to keep these questions in mind and then read the story out loud (illustrating meaning with tone, gestures, etc.)
Look at Stage 17 vocabulary checklist... all words EXCEPT a/ab, insula, and resistere are on the quiz (along with model sentences that include the genitive)
Here are the updated model sentences:
1a. ancilla puellae statuam athletae in portA dat.
1b. ancillae puellis statuas athletarum in portis dant.
2a. amicus servo anulum pueri in cubiculo dabat.
2b. amici servis anulos puerorum in cubiculis dabant.
3a. mater mercatori infantem patris in monte dedit.
3b. matres mercatoribus infantes patrum in montibus dederunt.
Buzz: St. 16 Test Extra Credit (optional)

Do Now: Buzz: Practicing the language 3 (volo/nolo/possum practice)
When done, reread tumultus 1 silently
Go over the most missed items on PTL 3
Review quickly tumultus 1 (read aloud) and use #1-6 on "verum aut falsum" AM worksheet (there are 2 statements that have been made false because of one word).  Complete w/o the story available to gauge comprehension
Students need to join our EdPuzzle "class" by click on this link.
After joining our class, we will use EdPuzzle live to watch tumultus 2 and answer the questions (absent students can click on this link instead).
Review the genitive case, model sentences, and vocabulary for quiz on Friday

When done with the quiz, read "About the language: genitive"
Get out your tablets and take both Buzz Quizzes: About the language: genitive case (ID case), About the language: genitive case (translation)
You may max out your attempts on each quiz; be sure to learn from your mistakes before attempting a quiz again.
You can also watch the tutorial video embedded in the directions page
During the last 15 minutes of class, we will review your last test