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Today will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
Quintus buys Clemens a shop! Clemens takes over the shop! Clemens makes friends! Clemens challenges the local mafioso! 
Eutychus and his thugs with clubs have something to say about all that.  
(1) Read what happens with pro taberna Clementis via this Pear Deckpresentation (joinpd.com with code: aitryi).
(2) Complete the attached worksheet "regina et monstrum" and turn in here on Teams.
Wednesday will be a work day so you can prepare for your test on Friday over Stage 18.  Depending on how well you have understood the concepts from today and last week, I may ask you to complete certain assignments so I know you are prepared.

Today you will prepare for your test on Friday.
Concepts tested:
(1) Noun-adjective agreement
(2) Neuter nouns
(3) Gender
(4) relative pronouns and clauses (from Stage 16)
(5) genitive (from Stage 17)
What you can do on your own to prepare for the test:
(1) Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary contained in the story on the test
(2) Take previous Gimkit quizzes to review all relevent vocabulary
(3) Practice with Buzz quizzes (your grades have been recorded and they are unlocked) from Stages 16, 17, and 18
In class, we will (1) review the worksheet "regina et monstrum" and (2) practice with this worksheet.
Participation in the above is mandatory for: Hamzah, Katarina, Saffron, Maylin, Jayden, Sydney, Zachary, and Jeevan
If your name is not on the above list, you may join us if you would like, or you may leave the meeting when we begin this portion of class.