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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Most Missed from Friday's genitive quizzes 
"Which is correct genitive?" (students listen to two sentences and ID which one describes picture... distinguishing between singular and plural genitive forms)
Follow up with "What case is it?" AM worksheet (simple case/morphology review w/ focus on genitive)
ad templum - translate lines 1-4 on paper

Do Now: Practicing the language 1 (genitive practice), and when done put tablet away; read "ad templum" silently
read/translate the dialogue in lines 5-20 together... white boards out to assess comprehension and concepts:
Which quam is it in line 5? Name one good thing and one bad thing Barbillus says about Plancus in linies 5-7. Find the genitive word in lines 5-7 and translate it.
Lines 8-11... what's the tone here? Where does Plancus think they're headed (translate templum Augusti)?
Translate minime... vale! (lines 12-14) on paper... practice with genitive Serapidis, debere, and nonne
Best translation of otiosus (line 15)? Would Barbillus and Quintus be happy to hear what Plancus says in line 16 (de... possum).. why/why not?
Read 17-20 together
Translate lines 21-27 in notes
What's happening in lines 28-29?
What does the priest say in lines 30-31? How does everyone react (in line 32)?
What joke does Barbillus make? Explain deus nos servavit (line 35).
Assess understanding with ad templum (comp and grammar)
Review for test
Here is a Gimkit for the vocabulary of the story that will appear on your test.


Have a wonderful Fall Break!