9th Grade Latin III - Week 1 > Week 2

SALVETE! I am PUMPED to teach you again! Today we will meet SYNCHRONOUSLY (2:10-3:00pm).
Take attendance and then lead class to MPR for 20 minute presentation (cell phones)
When we return to the classroom, we will:
(1) Discuss online expectations (see attached "online expectations")
(2) Discuss our syllabus and the plan for the year (syllabus is forthcoming, but we will be learning the material in Stages 25-40)
(3) Discuss JCL and other items (briefly)
(4) Access and log into the various programs utilized by this course, which will make your life easier and make learning better.
-Buzz (same account you've always had - find that password)
-Remind (text @mryaggy9 to the number 81010; if you joined the JCL Remind last year, you're still active there)
-EdPuzzle (you will need this for tomorrow's class)
-Gimkit (access the website but ALSO check that you are enrolled in our Latin III class)

DUE MONDAY by 6am:
Complete this Gimkit assignment over the Stage 25 Vocabulary Checklist (on p. 88 - see attached).

Today's lesson is ASYNCHRONOUS! 
You still need to log into SPORK and you still need to join this "Team meeting".  
I will be present for the duration of class (2:10-3:00pm) for questions, comments, concerns, etc.  However, this is an hour for you NOT to be locked into a video chat... for you to GET STUFF DONE.  See below:
We will start looking at Stage 25 today... don't worry!  We will review A LOT as we go through this first stage of the year.

(1) Complete the Edpuzzle assignment (a video with questions over the Stage 25 Model Sentences on pp. 72-73) - I am grading YOUR EFFORT here.  Do the best you can and do NOT stress about getting every single thing right.
(2) Complete this Gimkit assignment over the Stage 25 Vocabulary Checklist (on p. 88).


Today's lesson is (MOSTLY) ASYNCHRONOUS!
 Great job answering the questions over the model sentences (on Edpuzzle)!  
 - You told me that, grammatically, you need to review participles and subjunctives - these are EXACTLY the concepts we should be reviewing... perfect!  
 - One of you also left me a "Check In" note that you felt unsure about 4th and 5th declension nouns. No problem!
(2) Time to earn some money! Go to Gimkit and take this quiz over the vocabulary of Stage 22.
(3) Our main concern today, however, is this sentence: 
optio . . . Strythionem, iam Devam regressum, conspicit. [*FYI: optiowas 2nd in command of a century of soldiers. Don't translate the word]
 - Who is Strythio?  What is his buddy's name?
 - Explain iam Devam regressum . . . where had they been? What trouble did they get into? Remember Vilbia, Rubria, Bulbus, and Gutta?
(4) Download the Stage 22 text scan (attached) and open it up.
(5) Go to Buzz and take the "Modestus est asinus: me pugna" quiz.
(1) Gimkit over Stage 22 Vocabulary
(2) Buzz quiz "Terms and Conditions"
(2) Buzz quiz "Modestus est asinus"

 Now that we remember who Modestus and Strythio are, we will translate the story Strythio (Stage 25, p. 74) together.  I will cold-call on everyone and as we translate the story, you complete the "Strythio fill in the blank" Word doc (attached).  When that doc is done, upload it.
(2) Complete the "About the Language I: More About Participles"Buzz quiz from Stage 23.  The pdf of Stage 23 is attached and there is a video tutorial to accompany it.  You have four attempts.

Today we will 
(1) Review participles with the most missed questions from the Buzz quiz yesterday.
(2) read Modestus Custos (Stage 25, p. 75).  As we did yesterday, we will translate together; complete the attached worksheet and turn in when done.
(3) review subjunctive clauses with two Buzz quizzes:
  (a) About the Language 1: cum + Imperfect Subjunctive (from Stage 24)
  (b) About the Language 2: cum + Pluperfect Subjunctive (from Stage 24)
(1) Modestus custos worksheet
(2) both About the Language Buzz quizzes

SALVETE! Today's lesson is (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
We will start by looking at the most missed concepts from the cum clause Buzz quizzes yesterday.
DUE FRIDAY at 6am:
(1) Take the "PTL Ex. 1 (p. 80 cum clause practice)" Buzz quiz.
(2) Take the "PTL Ex. 2 (participle practice) Buzz quiz.
(3) Watch this tutorial on the About the language 1: indirect question, and take the "About the language 1: indirect question" Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's lesson is SYNCHRONOUS!
Review progress on subjunctives and participles with "most missed" from Buzz quizzes.
We will then finish looking at Modestus custos (2nd page), which we did not complete Wednesday.

FYI: You will have a test over Stage 25 on Wednesday