9th Grade Latin III - Week 1 > Week 2

NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Find assigned seat and then pick up the following:
Pick up tentative syllabus, Quick Reference Guide, packet of Stage 27 worksheets, copy of Unit 3 textbook
15 minute presentation in MPR with Director
Do Now when back in room: (show picture #1 from MS on board) Who are these two idiots? Tell me everything you can remember about them: their names, a certain girlfriend, a prisoner they were supposed to guard... five minutes – go! [5 minutes]
As discussion gets under way, pass textbook sign up sheet around (record BASIS serial number)
Facilitate a class discussion and help the class come up with the basic idea. 
Look at vocabulary checklist on p. 120 (quiz next Wednesday (including model sentences) - no iussum, sub, tacitus)
With time allowing, we will:
(1) Discuss our syllabus and the plan for the year (Stages 27-40)
(3) Discuss JCL and other items (briefly)
(4) Access and log into the various programs utilized by this course, which will make your life easier and make learning better. [we did not have access to Chromebooks, so we were not able to do these in class]
-Buzz (same account you've always had - find that password)
-Remind (text @mryaggy9 to the number 81010; if you joined the JCL Remind last year, you're still active there)
-Gimkit (access the website and enroll in our Latin III class with https://tinyurl.com/LatinIIIGimkitJoin)

Do Now: Practicing the language 1 (ID participle, kind of participle, and word it modifies; do not translate sentence)
The most missed questions were:
1) Identifying the type of participle found in sentence f (celatam: PPP or REPLICAS?)
 - this uncertainty shows up again when students were asked to pick the best translation of the sentence.
2) forming the present active participle of noceo, nocere (nocens)
So, reteaching:
1) Ask students to fill out the REPLICAS acronym with the Latin participles and their meanings (on white boards)
2) Ask students to form the present active participle (nom. sing. forms) of a few verbs found in the vocabulary checklist (apparere, ardere, gaudere, nocere; imperare, incendere) - again, on white boards
Want to practice some review vocabulary? Here's a review Gimkit for Stages 1-13 and here's a review for Stages 13-20 (Unit 2).
Buzz: Practicing the language 2 (noun case endings practice with singular/plurals)

Do Now: "in horreo" story: answer the following:
1. Modestus and Strythio ran from where to where (line 1)?
2. What made the centurion iratissimus (lines 3-4)?
3. What did the centurion order his soldiers to do (lines 4-5)?
4. How successful were Modestus and Strythio (lines 5-7)?
5. Translate tertio . . . posset (lines 7-8).
Review answers and translate lines 1-8 together as a class (watching to see how students handle egressi (line 1), celati (line 2, line 7), and apertas (line 3))
2) Some discussion questions:
a. How do his words (lines 9–12) show his despair?
b. frumentum ... consumere nōn possum. Why not?
c. What did Strythio offer to do? Why?
3) Repeat this process with the big chunk of what Modestus says in lines 17-24.
4) Here are some follow up questions:
nobis cenandum est. Translate these words of Modestus.
What orders did he give to Strythio?
About the language 1: indirect commands Buzz quiz (this is a review of what we learned last year)
Pass out copies of the vocab quiz which the kids will see on Wednesday (2 copies to each) and discuss. If time, review model sentences.


Do Now: Most missed on "ATL 1 indirect command" Buzz quiz
reteach/review indirect commands with those most missed examples
Now, additional practice with the B sentences (the actual indirect commands) on the "A command performance" worksheet
(depending on how well students are doing with the concept, perhaps do only the odds or evens, or assign one half to half the class, etc.)
in horreo: for the last two bits of dialogue (lines 25-26), you can just translate together or have a volunteer.
Keep an eye out for anything the kids have trouble with, at which point we pause and reteach/check for understanding.
translate lines 25-31 of "in horreo" - why would Strythio question bring a saltatrix into the castra?
Note that the names of the persons (and ei) being persuaded through lines 27-30 are in the dative (bc of persuadere)
Use those repeated examples as opportunity to segue into discussion about indirect commands... define what they are ("bossy" verbs + ut)
Now, which one of those four ut clauses is NOT an indirect command (w/ a bossy verb), but a regular old purpose clause?
Modestus promotus 1:
teacher reads lines 1-6 in Latin expressively. Students listen and read along, then demonstrate their understanding by drawing the scene (one scene only... 2 minutes). Students should be able to depict 10 Britons, being led by Vercobrix, sneaking into the camp and heading to the horrea, with torches in their hands. View each other's drawings, compare/contrast.

Do Now: finish drawing we started yesterday (2 minutes)
(a) Give two details about Modestus' actions and/or feelings in lines 7-9? Students answer on white boards or out loud
(b) In lines 11-12, who does Modestus think he sees? 
(c) Read lines 13-14, who is depicted as immoti stabant and why are they doing that?
(d) Who is speaking in 16-17? What is that person basically saying?
(e) Draw what's happening in lines 18-19 on your white boards (1 minute)
(f) Read 21-29 out loud expressively (or get a student to do it)... what's happening here??
Stage 27 vocab and/or model sentence practice if time (on white boards)

Do Now: clear desk for quiz
STAGE 27 VOCABULARY QUIZ (all words except iussum, sub, and tacitus; model sentences included)
When done with quiz, take the Modestus promotus 1 Buzz quiz (comprehension questions) <--- kids now have access to ChromeBooks (username: TUCN_###@basised.com)
review most missed elements and story
open up textbook to Practicing the language 3 (p. 114)
Write out the correct form of the requested noun (choosing correct case/number ending)
Review and then reassess with Practicing the language 3 on Buzz.

Do Now: most missed from PTL 3 (some confusion with neuter nouns, et al.)
Review/Summarize quickly Modestus promotus 1 - how is this going to end?
Give dramatic reading of Modestus promotus 2 as a pre-read... any idea what is going on?
With a partner, read the rest of the story and answer the comp. questions on p. 111 - review as a class
With 15 minutes remaining, note the "so" words we've encountered (e.g. tantus and adeo at end of Modestus promotus 2): tam, talis, ita, sic, tot, adeo, tantus
Briefly discuss result clauses... notice the ut... if you see an "ut" it can only be three things: Purpose, indirect command (if you see a "bossy" verb), and now a result clause (if you see a "so" word)
About the language 2: result clauses - give time for one attempt, then additional attempts at home

Do Now: "What's the result" AM worksheet #3, 5, 7 (circle "so" word and translate the sentence)
Review 3, 5, and 7; complete the rest
Finish comprehension questions for Modestus promotus 2 (w/ partner) and then we will review