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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Modestus promotus 2 (comp. questions) on Buzz
"Direct and Indirect Commands" AM worksheet for review
"exemplum quaere" worksheet for general grammar review - practice any concepts that students seem unsure about

Do Now: Finish the "exemplum quaere" worksheet (remember, all examples can be found in the first 20 lines)
Go over exemplum quaere
Take the "Stage 27 Review" Buzz quiz
Review vocabulary of story on test with this Gimkit (play together in class... must use Chromebooks b/c won't work on tablets)
Go over topics for review (See "Stage 27 Test Review Sheet"):
(1) indirect commands (ID and translate)
(2) result clauses (ID and translate)
(3) participles (ID and translate present active, perfect active, perfect passive) ---> take this Buzz quiz over PTL 1 (3 attempts, due tomorrow morning)
(4) cum clauses, indirect questions, and purposes clauses
All Buzz quizzes are unlocked and students will have at least 25 minutes of class time to review/study for test on Buzz.


Do Now: You have five minutes to study the following items, which will show up on your most missed quiz:
1. Translating different question types (-ne, nonne, num)
2. Understanding subject/verb agreement 
3. How to identify the various subjunctive clauses we have learned (purpose, result, ind. command, ind. question, cum clause)
4. Identifying subjunctive and indicative and verb tenses
Complete this "most missed" extra credit quiz on Buzz over your test yesterday. One attempt. You may NOT help each other. [10 minutes]
When done with the most missed, read through the opening lines (1-6) of "ultio Romana" on p. 122 and translate them.
Review what's happening in lines 1-6 (w/ above questions) and then take a look at each picture on pp. 122-124.
Each pic includes examples of the ablative of means, but always within a participial phrase.

Do Now: Practicing the language 1 (review of subjunctives) Buzz Quiz (start by identifying type of subjunctive clause in each sentence)
Also, perhaps to take a look at genitive and dative morphology as well a degrees of adverbs (based on performance on extra credit quiz)
Now, who remembers the whole Cogidubnus/Salvius storyline, what's going on?  The next story is Cogidubnus' will - how did we get here?
Read testamentum out loud (hoping that kids start to realize there's some weird stuff going on with the will).
So, what's fishy about it? Go through the "fishy/not fishy?" Google Slide show
Then, individually, complete the "testamentum Cogidubni" AM worksheet