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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: finish "testamentum" worksheet
discuss, then introduce "in aula Salvii" story (Belimicus is gonna give Salvius a problem... what the heck??)
Then, take the in aula Salvii comprehension quiz on Buzz (based on questions on p. 127) - students can work with a partner and help each other out
W/o looking at book or notes, give the dative/ablative singular and plural of corpus, ira, ventus (all three from current vocab list)
About the language 1: more on the ablative case discussion and Buzz Quiz

Do Now: most missed from ATL 1 Buzz quiz
when done, look at "sententias scribe" worksheet. Develop 3 of the strangest sentences you can write. 
Switch with someone and translate, then we share.
review of in aula Salvii. Translate the last sentence (we had trouble with that on yesterday's Buzz quiz)
cena Salvii prediction - Based on the picture, what's going to happen? Students write down some predictions (doesn't need to be in paragraph form) and then we will share.
We translate the first paragraph together (lines 1-4... check things like intrantem and ridentem, conspicatus and solutus,  the adverb sumptuose)
Pre-read with a dramatic reading... any ideas what's going on?
Review for vocabulary quiz (no suspicatus and ut, no numbers)

Do Now: clear desk for quiz
When done with quiz, complete the "By, with, in, on" worksheet.
Review the worksheet and the ablative of means
when done, read back through cena Salvii with white boards: 
1. Breeze through 1st paragraph (we translated together yesterday) by way of a re-introduction
2. On white boards, name one thing Belimicus says he has done for Salvius
3. What did Belimicus already get (from the previous story)? What is the praemium meritum that he wants?
4. What is Salvius' response... when should Belimicus start freaking out??
5. What reveal does Salvius make at the end of the story?

Do Now: Practicing the language 2 (ablative of means practice) Buzz quiz
Belimicus rex - translate lines 1-7 with a partner. Depending on how the above went, we'll either look at 8-11 together as a class or individually.
Stop at lines 15 (1/2 way through)
If time, allow additional attempt at PTL 2.

Do Now: 
Belimicus rex
About the language 2: expressions of time Buzz quiz