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SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
We will read the story contentio together with this Pear Deck presentation.

SALVETE!  Today's class will be 1/2 SYNCHRONOUS
(1) We will start class by continuing this Pear Deck presentation of contentio. (joinpd.com with code cwhzn)
(2) Review for test (purpose clauses, gerundives, indirect questions, imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive tenses)
Similar in format to the Stage 25 Test:
Answer 40 mult. choice and free response questions in 50 minutes,  The first 25 questions relate to a story you haven't read before.
The test is password protected.
YOU MAY USE: your book and your notes. YOU MAY NOT USE: each other (giving or receiving help)
(a) Google Translate (or similar) will ensure your failure. It will give you the wrong answer (I've checked).  Remember, this is about YOUR learning; I want to know what YOU know. The grade is secondary.
(b) You will run out of time and fail if you try to look up everything (or even most things).  You must study and prepare on your own beforehand if you are to do well on this test.
Look at your grade on the Stage 25 test; if you're not satisfied with it, what can you do differently this time?
Student hours 4:00-4:30pm today.


SALVETE! Today's lesson will be 1/2 SYNCHRONOUS!
First, we will look together at this Pear Deck presentation of the Stage 27 Model Sentences (joinpd.com with code: CCZQD).
Next, you complete Practicing the Language 2 and Practicing the Language 3 on Buzz to review noun cases.

SALVETE! Today's class will be 1/2 SYNCHRONOUS!
First, we will look at the most missed items from PTL 2 and 3 through this Pear Deck presentation. (joinpd.com code: ykhgz).
Second, we will read the story in horreo with this Pear Deck presentation (asynchronous). (joinpd.com code: pcdfn).