9th Grade Latin IIIWeek 3 < Week 4 > Week 5

NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: "Subjunctive Practice" Buzz quiz (also story consolidation)
Review and go over most missed
"Expressions of Time" Buzz quiz
Review and go over most missed
About the language 3: impersonals Buzz quiz
Review and go over most missed

Do Now: "Ablative of means practice" Buzz quiz
"Time out" worksheet for review of expressions of time
Review Stage 27 Test and apply lessons learned to this test
Allow time for studying/reviewing with Stage 28 Buzz quizzes
Practice the test story vocabulary with this Gimkit


Do Now: Extra Credit quiz (most missed from Stage 28 test)
When done, take Practicing the language 1 on Buzz (one attempt; a great review of the subjunctive)
After we discuss and review, begin translating the Stage 29 Model Sentences
Finish together and preview the passive voice

Student Holiday (Teacher Workday)