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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Student/Teacher Holiday (Labor Day)

Do Now: most missed from PTL 1
nox 1: I read it slowly and expressively out loud and kids draw what I'm describing on white boards. Stop between each paragraph (So, 1st paragraph they draw night with moon and stars shining... challenge then to represent the "nulla quies Romae" part)... get them to look at each other's... have them switch and label (or add if omitted) parts of the picture with vocab (nox, stella, caelum, etc.).
Review understanding with questions 1-3 and then kids work on #4 on their own. Go over the sights and sounds as a class.

Last, a review of present active participles with the Practicing the language 2 Buzz Quiz

Do Now: most missed from PTL 2 Buzz quiz
Now, read nox 2 and answer the questions with the nox 2 review Buzz quiz (20-minute time limit, one attempt)
When done, complete Practicing the language 3 in your textbook
With time remaining, turn to p. 149 (ATL 1). Give a brief (maybe 1-2 minutes) summary of the passive voice, practice the translation with the verbs in 4c (laudantur, ducitur, rogatur, mittuntur)
Give another attempt at nox 2 (must grade first) tonight

Do Now: take the About the language 1 quiz one time
Briefly review "nox 2"... focus on the two captives and see what we think is happening. Such a shift in tone, and this is very much on purpose: you have this whole tireless effort to complete the triumphal arch and celebrate the viewpoint of the conquering Romans, but that is undercut by the harsh reality/consequence of that "triumph" - the subjugation of a nation and enslavement of its people. 
We will watch this video about the Arch of Titus and the Siege of Masada ("Ancient History: Rome if You Want To, The Arch of Titus").
Finally, we will look at Masada I (lines 1-19). We will translate the first sentence as additional passive voice translation, but after that, they'll take the Masada 1 (lines 1-19) Buzz quiz. 

Do Now: Answer these most missed elements from our look at the first 19 lines of Masada I:
1. What does the mother say in lines 10-11? Translate her words (melius . . . servavi).
2. In lines 16-17 (de . . . imitati), what does the mother say she is afraid of?
3. In lines 18-19, why does the mother finally agree to tell her kids totam rem ("the whole story")?
After everyone is done, we will read through the second half of the story (lines 20-38) expressively and students will draw what they hear (aedificia flammis consumebantur, etc.).
With the last 10 minutes of class, we will practice translating the passive voice verbs which appear in this part of the story 
Then, go back to PTL 3 and take the Practicing the language 3 Buzz quiz to review participles and ablative of means. [10 minutes]