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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Masada 1 (lines 20-38) Buzz
Review most missed concepts from the Buzz quiz (most focus on the last 3-4 lines)
Review the passive voice (3rd person only): cogebamur (line 20), consumebantur (line 23), occidebantur (line 24), evertebatur (25), and even circumveniebamur (26)  
Introduce the other passive voice endings with About the language 2: more about the passive voice and take the Buzz quiz
With any time left, begin to translate Masada 2.
Note the vocab which won't be on the quiz on Wednesday (audacia, captivus, defendere, and populus)

Do Now: Most missed from ATL 2 for passive voice review 
review and finish Masada 2 story together
Now, summarize lines 1-5 of arcus Titi I, and then have students label the parts of the procession on the "arcus Titi" AM worksheet
Review what the procession looks like with the visual on the worksheet. 
Study for your vocabulary quiz (all words except audacia, captivus, defendere, populus)

Do Now: clear your desk for the quiz
STAGE 29 VOCABULARY QUIZ (no audacia, captivus, defendere, and populus)
When done, read arcus Titi I and take the Buzz quiz
Last, we will look at "Personally passive" AM worksheet (teacher reads sentences aloud and students decide what the subject is (ego, tu, nos, vos)

Do now: "Building the arch of Titus" AM worksheet (review of arcus Titi 1)
arcus Titi 2 - read and answer comp questions on p. 155 with a partner
review story
Practice passive voice with "Who's at the end?" AM worksheet

Do Now: "sententias scribe!" worksheet (passive voice practice)... compose four of the craziest sentences that you can (do not write the English translation down)
share with another class member
About the language 3: more about purpose clauses