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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do now: "Personally passive" AM worksheet (teacher reads sentences aloud and students decide what the subject is (ego, tu, nos, vos)
"Who's at the end?" AM worksheet
"Building the arch of Titus" AM worksheet (review of arcus Titi 1)
arcus Titi 2
About the language 3: more about purpose clauses

Do now: Most Missed from ATL 3 (all are providing imperfect subjunctive passive forms of amare)
Review for test
"sententias scribe" AM worksheet (passive voice)
"verb splash" AM worksheet (comprehensive review including passive voice, participles)
"sententias comple" AM worksheet (review of arcus Titi 2) [we did not get to this]
Review the vocabulary that will feature of the test story with this Gimkit.


Do now: Stage 29 Test extra credit
Stage 30 Model Sentences
Practicing the language 1 Buzz Quiz

*hand out combined Stages 30-31 Vocab list for quiz on Wednesday
Do now: Practicing the language 2 Buzz Quiz (This attention to participles will be helpful when we discuss the perfect and pluperfect passives next week) Read dignitas on p. 170 and answer the comprehension questions (20 minutes or so... the story is rather long)
- model those perfect passive translations and see if students catch on (dedicatus est (line 1), auditae sunt (7-8), admissi sunt (8), deceptus sum (24), promissum est (25), laudatus est (28), factum est (47))
A few language features to highlight if they contribute to a lack of understanding:
qui gratulationes ei facerent (line 4, rel. clause of purpose)
summo gaudio (line 5)... technically an abl. of manner and not means ("cum" omitted b/c of presence of the adjective), but just understand the translate as "with the greatest joy"
ira commotus (lines 8-9)... a classic ablative of means
adeo . . . posset (lines 9-10)... result clause
quattuor dies... quinto die (10)... great juxtaposition of two time elements we just learned in Stage 28
domo abegisti (line 15)... just tough to translate b/c rarity of the -isti ending and the ablative domo
One additional attempts on PTL 2 if class finishes early