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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: most missed from PTL 2 (form the PPP and PANTS of consulere, afficere, and secare)
polyspaston I - give a quick pre-reading of story and 
ATL 1: perfect passive tense

Do Now: translate lines 17-21 of polyspaston I (both get back into the story in prep for part II and practice with verb tenses: imperavit, adligati erant, traherent, tollebatur, confectus, haerebat, aperuit)
polyspaston II - "polyspaston I and II" worksheet comprehension questions
ATL 2: pluperfect passive tense

STAGE 30-31 VOCAB QUIZ (see worksheet passed out on Friday last week for words assessed)
When done with quiz, finish the polyspaston II questions on the worksheet
Review the story together with the questions
Complete the Buzz quiz over Practicing the language 1 (review of perfect and pluperfect passive)

Do Now: most missed from PTL 1
Stage 31 model sentences - go through together
NOW! We have a mysterious puella arriving in Rome!
Read the first paragraph of "adventus" together... what is everything we know about this puella? Write down at least three items
After this discussion, students should use the "adventus" worksheet to read the story and figure out more about what is going on
Discuss patron/client relationship and the layout of Rome (use picture in book and maps in Rome) as relevant to story discussion
When done with story, allow time to complete Practicing the language 2 on Buzz (noun case review)

Do Now: label at least 10 items in the picture on the "riverport of Rome" Activity Masters worksheet
[there are at least 15 items, but many of the words are not very familiar to the students]
With picture on board... have students label and discuss... draw it back to what we saw in model sentences
adventus language consolidation Buzz quiz (questions focus on ablative cases and participles)
salutatio I (comp questions)
Practicing the language 3 Buzz quiz