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SALVETE! Today is (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) You will take the "Expressions of Time" Buzz quiz to practice the ablative of time when and the accusative of duration of time.
(2) We will translate the second half of Belimicus rex together - what happens (hint: it isn't good)??
(3) You will take the "Practicing the Language 2 (ablative practice)" Buzz quiz

Today is a workday for you to prepare for tomorrow's Stage 28 Test.
Here is a Buzz quiz for you to practice the ablative of means.
*Here is the "Practicing the language 2" Buzz quiz practicing the ablative of means.
Here is a Buzz quiz for you to practice the ablative of time when and accusative of duration of time.
Here is a Gimkit quiz for you to practice the vocabulary of numbers and impersonal verbs.
*Here is the "About the language 3" Buzz quiz practicing impersonal verbs.
Here is a Gimkit quiz over the vocabulary of the story on the test.
*these Buzz quizzes are required and will be taken as a grade
The test will also require that you review subjunctive clauses, subjunctive tenses, and participles.
The test itself is 40 questions, about 20 questions assess your understanding of the story (7 of which are free response).

You have 50 minutes to take this 40 question test.  Questions 1-25 refer to the story. 
The remaining questions assess your knowledge of the grammatical and syntactical items we have learned in this stage
(Ablative of means, Ablative of time when, Accusative of duration of time, impersonal verbs), as well as items from previous stages (a focus on the subjunctive).

SALVETE! Today's class will be ASYNCHRONOUS!
First, we are looking at the Model Sentences in Stage 29 (remember to download the attached PDF).
Click on this link to my video of these pages on Edpuzzle.  You'll answer the questions as you go.
**You're going to need to remember how you logged into Edpuzzle and joined our class.  If Edpuzzle is telling you that you aren't authorized to view the video (or something similar), you're logging in with an different account, one that is not linked to our class.  If you've tried everything and you're stuck, send me a chat.
Second, review present participles with Practicing the language 2 and the Buzz quiz associated with that exercise in the book.

SALVETE! Today's class with be mostly ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will preview the story nox 1 together
(2) Take this Gimkit on the vocabulary for the story nox 1
(3) Read nox 1 with this Pear Deck. [joinpd.com with code: sbzbgl]