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Do Now: Practicing the language 3 Buzz Quiz
salutatio II - read together and use as a chance to look at the AA, passive voice, and abl. of means
ATL 1: ablative absolute and Buzz Quiz

Do Now: most missed from ATL 1: ablative absolute Buzz quiz
salutatio II Comprehension Questions Buzz quiz
ATL 2: ne and Buzz quiz
review for test - use this Gimkit to practice the vocabulary that will appear in the test story.
"The ablative absolute" AM worksheet
Optional Buzz quizzes for test review practice: (1) "Active and Passive Verbs," (2) "Change Active to Passive," and (3) "Identify the Subjunctive Clause"


Do Now: Complete PTL 2 in Stage 32 (p. 213) in your notes (10 min.)
Review subjunctive uses and translations... also, change them to ne clauses and review how that affects the translation
Look at "It's a question of Qui" worksheet. Identify the subjunctive use in #1, 5, 6, 9. 10; translate #1, 5, 6, 7 together
Then, take the Stages 30-31 Test extra credit Buzz quiz (mostly concentrating on subjunctive and passive verbs)
When done, translate the model sentences captions on pp. 204-205

Do Now: "Participle Review" Buzz Quiz
Review progress and move to the Stage 32 Model Sentences (pp. 204-205)
Each deponent verb is glossed, so there's no guessing. Focus on meaning of each and the story.
At end, point out (if students have no already noticed), that regressa est ("she returned") includes the REPLICAS participle ("perfect ACTIVE")... we had to memorize these because they looked like perfect passive participles but translated actively. That's exactly what is going on here: regressa est looks like it should mean "she was returned" but it doesn't...
Turns out, there's a special name for these verbs, and that's "deponent".
About the language 1: deponent verbs - review and complete Buzz quiz.

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