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SALVETE! Today's class will be ASYNCHRONOUS!
Today, my goals for you are to:

(1) review nox 1 and better understand especially those last several lines about the relationship between Titus and Domitian.
(2) understand the story nox 2 (Enter Salvius! We also meet two new characters, Haterius and Glitus)
(3) learn about the Arch of Titus and its context in history (and of course in our Cambridge stories)
(4) become a little more comfortable with verbs in the passive voice(we'll take a close look at this tomorrow)
So, remember these goals as you take this Pear Deck over nox 2. (joinpd.com with code: knjvpa)  The last slide will link to an EdPuzzle video about the Arch of Titus, but the direct link is also here.
Remember that I won't be available during class time, so I cannot answer chats in real time.  If you haven't already, please be sure to write your EdPuzzle username and password down in your CJ.  I hope to use it frequently when you are working asynchronously.

Today is all about the passive voice!
(1) Watch this tutorial and take notes
(2) Read and complete the exercises on About the language 1: Active and Passive Voice (on p. 149)
(3) Take this Buzz quiz over About the language 1: Active and Passive Voice
(4) Watch this EdPuzzle video on the siege of Masada, which will be described in the next few stories you read (tomorrow and Thursday)

Today we are reading a survivor's account of the sack of Jerusalem and the siege of Masada with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: apgarr).
That's it! It is a big one, so that's all I'd like you to learn today.  Good luck!  I hope you're having a nice Wednesday!

Today is mostly a review and recovery day! It is very important that you not continue on to the next step until you fully understand the concepts you're working on.
(1) Review your answers to yesterday's Pear Deck (I have left as much feedback as possible for you).  Correct as needed.  To do this, you will need to click on the link in your browser history by which you accessed the Pear Deck yesterday.  [5-10 min]
(2) Send me a chat with any questions you have about it.
(3) Read the conclusion of the Masada story (Masada 2 on p. 151) and answer the comprehension questions on Buzz. [15 min]
(4) Watch this tutorial over some most missed items from this week's assignments [10 min]
(5) Once you understand what I've retaught on the tutorial, take the "Review Items 10/8/20" Buzz quiz. [5-10 min]
(6) Complete Practicing the language 1 on p. 158 and then take the Buzz quiz to assess your understanding.  [10 min]

(1) Read and complete the exercises on p. 152 (About the language 2: More about the passive voice) [10-15 minutes]
(2) Assess your understanding with this Buzz quiz over ATL 2: More about the passive voice [5-10 minutes]
(3) Take this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: hcfegv) to practice the passive voice endings in a bit of a different way.  [10 minutes]
(4) Read the story arcus Titi 1 on p. 153 and fill out all the parts of the procession on the attached worksheet.  You'll need either to upload a clear picture of your completed work or use software to add your answers onto the PDF and upload the edited document. [20 minutes]
NOTE: All assignments are due tonight at 11:59pm because of Fall Break