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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: "Depending on deponents" worksheet (matching deponent verbs to their meanings) as a review of what we learned before break
Euphrosyne revocata I - read aloud and expresssively for first reading
"Euphrosyne revocata I (comprehension)" Buzz quiz for second reading
Euphrosyne revocata I - follow up with a closer look via translation

Do Now: "Mastering the meaning: active or passive" worksheet (more deponent verbs, but this time free response and discerning between deponent and regular verbs)
Euphrosyne revocata II - translate with a partner
"Euphrosyne revocata II (comprehension)" Buzz quiz (15 questions)

When done, Practicing the language 1 Buzz Quiz (noun-adjective agreement and case endings)

Do Now: "Regular or Deponent" Buzz Quiz
cena Haterii - with worksheet containing enlarged picture from p. 207... working individually, 10 minutes to read lines 1-14 of the story and label that picture with as much Latin as possible (stopping at pipiantes).
Then, they'll practice describing what's happening in the picture with a partner... each person has a minute to describe it, and only in Latin. If they finish, they have to start over and keep talking until the minute is over. Don't worry about grammar and syntax... just vocabulary and content. 
Then, volunteers tell the story to the whole class (low stress)... each ensuing narrator should try to improve/augment their version of the story to the one we just heard. 
The last five minutes of class, I'll describe something and the kids will draw it on their white boards.
With any time left, more attempts at the "Regular or Deponent" Buzz quiz.

Do Now: "cena Haterii (comprehension)" quiz