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SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
 We will review the ablative absolute construction with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code ylnwsy).
(2) We will learn about how Latin uses nē in purpose clauses and indirect command clauses with About the language 2: ne.
 You will assess your understanding of negative purpose and indirect command clauses with the Buzz quiz over About the language 2: ne.
(4) We will review what we've read in Stages 30-31 by matching the characters to their descriptions with the attached "dramatis personae et res" worksheet.

SALVETE! Today is a study period for you to prepare for your test tomorrow.
Your test will be mirror your previous tests this year.  About 40 multiple choice and free response questions.  About 30 of the questions will derive from the story (50/50 reading comprehension and grammar).
If you did not complete the dramatis personae worksheet from yesterday, please do so during class.  Please turn in on yesterday's assignment.  It is due today by the end of class.
Here is a Gimkit to practice the vocabular of the test passage. 
By the end of the period today, you need to be able to:
(1) provide a literal translation of any ablative absolute construction
(2) compose an ablative absolute construction (with the vocabulary provided)
(3) identify the type of subjunctive clause (purpose, result, relative clause of purpose, indirect command, indirect question, and cum clause)
(4) identify and translate negative purpose and indirect command clauses (i.e., that use ne)
(5) identify and translate participles (present active, perfect active, perfect passive)
(6) identify the tense and voice of any verb
(7) translate any verb (active and passive)


SALVETE! Today's class will be mostly SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Take this Gimkit to get ready for the vocabulary found in the model sentences (and throughout Stage 32).
*FYI - I've started a Gimkit "Season" that will last through this stage (i.e., through Dec. 9th).  Who will win????
(2) We will read the Model Sentences of Stage 32 together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code wbtphw).

Shortened class period due to T1 Awards Ceremony
(1) Review verbs with the "Verb Splash" Buzz Quiz.
(2) Review noun-adjective agreement with the "Practicing the language 1" Buzz Quiz.