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SALVETE! Today's class will be ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Read the "City of Rome" and "Patronage and Roman Society" (pp. 195-201)
(2) Answer the Buzz quizzes about each.
(3) Review nouns and noun cases with Practicing the language 2 (p. 193)
(4) Take the Buzz quiz to assess your understanding of noun cases.
(5) Toshi, Max, Vivian - need to turn in "adventus" worksheet
(6) Assess your understanding of some of the language features in "adventus" by taking this Buzz quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
Today we will read the story salutatio 1 together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: tabswr)

Veterans' Day Holiday

SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!|
 Take this Gimkit over the story salutatio II
(2) Log into this Pear Deck on salutatio II (joinpd.com with code syxbdj) and follow the directions
(3) Watch this tutorial video an About the language 1: ablative absolute
(4) Read and complete the example exercises from About the language 1: ablative absolute on p. 191
(5) Assess your understanding of ablative absolutes with the Buzz quiz

SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
My goals for you today are to better understand and master the ablative absolute and active and passive voice (translation and form).
(1) Complete the most missed items from the About the language 1: ablative absolute on the "Most Missed (ATL 1 Abl Abs, 2020)" Buzz quiz.
(2) Apply what you've learned to the attached "Ablative Absolutes" worksheet (turn in here on Teams)
(3) Revisit the "Change Active-Passive" Buzz Quiz that you all found difficult.  I've provided you two additional attempts if needed