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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: most missed on ATL 2: future perfect
1. Using the verb sum, esse, fuī = "to be," give the Latin verb that means "you (pl.) will have been."
2. Using the verb excipiō, excipere, excēpī = "to receive," give the Latin verb that means "they will have received."Sincerely,
3. Using the verb appellō (1) = to call (out too), give the Latin verb that means "he/she will have called."
4. Using the verb dēcidō, dēcidere, dēcidī = "to fall down," give the Latin verb that means "they will have fallen down"
Now, the "Invest in the futures" worksheet... each student works alone. Emphasize (with part "A") the best vs. literal translation of the future perfect and reinforce that Latin uses the FP in conditions (and cum) clauses almost exclusively.
Finally, review the story with the "Staging the scene" worksheet. Kids work with a partner to ID the person and label the pic, but not write down the translation.
When we go over it, work on translation of each with the class.

Do Now: "Verb Splash" worksheet (column A only)
Review and then do column B... based on student understanding, review verb forms
Look at the "Stage 33 Test Review" sheet together and discuss tomorrow's test
Give kids times to review, study, and practice for their test. A couple of Buzz quizzes that they need to complete to do so:
1. "ID verb tense and voice"
2. "Verb translation practice"
Practice the vocabulary of the story on the test with this Gimkit.
All other Buzz quizzes are open/unlocked for review