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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Translate what Tychicus says in lines 16-19 (no glossary - use context if you don't know a word)
After reviewing that first paragraph (and be sure to as what two subjunctive clauses are found there), students will pair up and read the rest of the story, answering the questions on the "Tychicus" worksheet (reading and grammar)
Then go over the story with them.
No Buzz quiz... Happy Halloween!

Do Now: review and finish Tychicus worksheet from yesterday (just a couple minutes)
review Tychicus and worksheet
Then, read in aula Domitiani I with partner and answer comp questions in the book
This is a dramatization of what Suetonius tells us (Domitian suspected Domitia of having an affair with an actor named Paris... he has Paris killed and Domitia exiled... he brings her back a year later, and I think Suetonius says because he missed her.)
With any time left, have them get white boards out and practice for vocab quiz tomorrow!

Stage 33 Vocabulary Quiz (all vocab except descendere, movere, and numerus)
When done, finish/reread in aula Domitiani I and make sure all comprehension questions are answered
We will review that story and then we will look at the future tense.  
It is on the Latin I and II NLEs, so it should be pretty familiar. 
"In conjugations 1 and 2: -bo, -bis, ... -bu.  In conjugations 4 and 3, a, m, e."  and practice with Buzz quiz

Do Now: Using verbs from the St. 33 checklist, give the Latin verb for the following:
(a) you (s.) will call (out to), (b) I will hurl/throw, (c) you (pl.) will fall down, (d) they will go/come down
Follow up with white board practice with:
(a) they will throw out, (b) I will receive, (c) we will move, (d) she will repair
We'll turn the our attention back to the in aula stories by asking what each character is doing at the end of the first part of the story.
Question #12 on p. 227 (Paris' personality)
Then, translate the first 12 lines in partners and we'll go over
If time, translate lines 13-16 together with white boards (paying attention to translation of the subjunctive verb audivisset, understanding of the relative clause (qui... in line 13), and the understanding of some not very obvious case endings (tapete, manu, tapetis).

Do Now: Translate lines 19-24 of in aula Domitiani II (p. 228)
We go over, then finish the story together
Then, future tense practice with "Future Tense Practice" Buzz quiz
Then, About the language II: Future Perfect:
Acknowledge that the paradigm translation (in a vacuum) is "will have ___ed" but teach that 99% of the time it shows up, it shows up in conditionals where a present tense translation sounds much more natural and fluid. 
Finally, then ATL II Buzz quiz.