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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Most Missed from PTL 1
1. "she will be blamed" (use culpō (1))
2. "you (pl.) will be led" (use ducō, ducere)
3. "we will delay" (use moror, morarī)
4. "they will delay" (use moror, morarī)
Finish reading ex urbe and the comprehension questions that go along with the story (we reached #8 on Friday)
PTL 2 (relative clause/pronoun practice)... have students pick the correct relative pronoun as a classwork exercise and then review before taking the Buzz quiz 

Do Now: translate lines 1-5 of "vita rustica"
review and continue working on story with Activity Masters worksheet
stop and review when class is halfway through (through the part about the Scots... before Martial)
Using the last two sentences we reach (Silanus . . . posse and credit . . . habere) in lines 17-19, illustrate the indirect statement idea ("head verb" and "twisted object")
Show ATL and then practice on Buzz (one attempt)... do not worry about this tonight, as students need to prepare for their vocabulary quiz

STAGE 35 VOCABULARY QUIZ (all words, model sentences)
When done, finish reading the vita rustica story and answer the remaining questions on the worksheet
review and then follow up yesterday's indirect statement intro with most missed Buzz questions and then the ATL: indirect statement (part II) quiz.

Do Now: most missed of indirect statement Buzz quiz
Follow up with Stage 35's "Snake Sentences" worksheet (reinforcement of indirect statement)
Marcus Valerius Martialis I - keep the pace up and focus on the context of the epigrams, read through the Thais and Nigrina one (up to lines 18-19 or so)
Practicing the language 3 Buzz quiz (practice with subject/verb agreement and active/passive verb translations)

Do Now: review most missed from PTL 3 Buzz quiz (translations of perfect active and passive, mostly)
"Death By Verb" (St. 35) Buzz quiz (take once, but unlimited attempts)
Marcus Valerius Martialis I - finish reading the story.