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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: "Death by Verb" (in Stage 35 folder)... same quiz that was due this morning. Deadline extended to tomorrow, 6am. Take up to 2 more times now
(the additional practice is good, and the class average was only about 80%).
MVM II (through Glabrio's exit in line 13)
ATL 1: present subjunctive explanation and Buzz quiz

Do Now: Most missed from ATL I: Present Subjunctive
1. Translate: vōbīs imperābam ut ex urbe statim egrederēmini
2. Translate: nōn intelleximus quārē tam īrātus esset.
3. Translate: tantum est scelus ut omnes servī puniantur.
4. What tense is the SUBJUNCTIVE verb in this sentence: nōn intelleximus quārē tam īrātus esset.
5. What tense is the SUBJUNCTIVE verb in this sentence: rogavi ut mihi hos libellos donares.

Follow this up with ATL I: Present Subjunctive (Forms) Buzz quiz... picking the subjunctive version of a given verb (so, practicing with We Beat All Giant Liars)

2nd half of period, finish reading MVM II at line 13, when Glabrio gets up and leaves (w/ Epap. watching).
Translate lines 13-15 together as a class to get back into the story, and then students will work on the rest of the story (the exchange between Martial and Diaulus) on their own, finishing the period by checking their translations.

Do Now: clear desk
Stage 36 Vocabulary Quiz
When done with quiz, complete the "About the language 1: present subjunctive (forms of esse, posse, velle, nolle, malle)" (the conjugation charts of these irregular verbs are on p. 282 and in the directions page of the Buzz quiz)
When everyone is roughly on the same page, preview the epigrams I-III of epigrammata Martialis (p. 20) by translating the italicized introductions to each.
Then, students partner up, read each epigram, then answer the comprehension question that accompanies I-III.
We review and then translate I-III together

Do Now: Take the "Subjunctive Practice" Buzz quiz (one attempt)
When done, read epigram IV on p. 21
When everyone is roughly on the same page, look at epigrammata Martialis IV-VI... same idea as yesterday:
(a) read through the italicized intros together so the kids have a context
(b) kids answer the comprehension questions for each on their own
(c) review and go over the translation of each

With about ½ the period left: introduce writing an epigram.
(1) Pick a subject (and the thing you want to say about them)... big rule: the subject cannot be someone anyone actually knows (Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, etc.)
(2) Each epigram will be accompanied by a visual that represents the joke... draw or print out picture... photoshop or whatever
(3) Now, what's the joke in English... forget about Latin (that's tomorrow)... very simply, what do you want to say about the person?
Use the Mean Tweets or the Comedy Central Roast jokes as examples

ATL 2 on word order (helpful with writing of own epigram) and writing own epigram

Tuesday, January 3rd - finish epigrams (due Wednesday)