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(1) Review the in aula Domitiani stories with "Staging the scene" AM worksheet on Classkick 
(or go to your account and enter code J4VUIX). [compelete for homework if necessary]
(2) Review ablative absolutes, participles, and subjunctive clauses with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code xgkato)
using the in aula Domitiani stories. [whatever of this Pear Deck you do not complete in class, you will finish in class tomorrow... this is not for homework]

Today's class is ASYNCHRONOUS so you can review for your test! 
**(1) Complete the ablative absolutes, participles, and subjunctive clauses Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code xgkato) using the in aula Domitiani stories. [most of you began this on Monday]
(2) Review the future tense with the "Future Tense Practice" Buzz quiz.
(3) "ID verb tense and voice (test practice)" Buzz quiz.
(4) "Verb translation practice (test practice)" Buzz quiz.
(5) Here is a Gimkit over the vocabulary that will appear on the test passage.
**During class, my focus will be on providing you specific and individual feedback on your Pear Deck responses, so be sure to complete these tasks in order.
Each of these (except #5) is a grade, but focus more on the idea of mastery.  If you earned a 100%, that's great, but did you maybe get lucky and need to take it again to be sure?  Remember that your highest grade counts, so it won't cost you anything in terms of your grade to take it again.
Your test will be 40 multiple choice questions.  #1-37 are based on a sight passage.  #38-40 are fill-in-the-blank questions that ask you to compose future and future perfect verb forms.  The test also heavily assesses your understanding of: participles, subjunctive clauses, and ablative uses (including the ablative absolute).

Today, you will take your test over Stage 33.
Questions 1-36 are reading comprehension and language questions based on a story (multiple choice and free response).
Questions 37-40 are free response questions about the future and future perfect tenses.
Here is a Gimkit over the vocabulary that will appear on the test passage.

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Download the attached scan of Stage 34.
(2) Review the future tense with Practicing the Language 1 Buzz Quiz.
 Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary of the story ultio Epaphroditi.
(4) We will translate the story ultio Epaphroditi together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code kolmsc).

SALVETE! Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Review noun cases and subject verb agreement with the Practicing the Language 2 Buzz Quiz.
(2) Acquaint yourself with the vocabulary of the story insidiae 1 with this Gimkit.
(3) We will read the story insidiae 1 together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code npzvub).