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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: take the "Ablative Absolute Practice" Buzz quiz once
review the Model Sentences for Stage 37 together (model the correct translation of the perfect infinitive)
with a partner, read the "epistula" story and respond to the comprehension questions for sections I-II on the worksheet
review the first two paragraphs of epistula together
with time, allow additional attempts at the "Ablative Absolute Practice" Buzz quiz

Do Now: most missed (abl. abs. Buzz quiz):
1. opere ____, magister ludos spectare constituerat. admissa, sedentibus, refecto
2. Using the words puella, ae and amo, amare, amavi, amatus, give the Latin for "with the girl loving"  3. Using the words puella, ae and amo, amare, amavi, amatus, give the Latin for "with the girls having been loved" 4. his verbis auditis, praeco magna voce clamavit. 5. custodibus dormientibus, captivi effugerunt.
Review ablative absolute and participles as needed with examples from the first 15 lines of epistula story (with white boards)
Some language items to assess understanding: 
ut barbaros superarem (lines 2-3) - what subjunctive clause?
auditis precibus meis (line 3) - translate
nuntio exercitum rettulisse (lines 5-6) - translate (see how well students are understanding the new language concepts)
adventu nostro cognito (line 9) - translate
quot hostes perierint (line 12) - what clause? what tense is verb?
scio . . . effugisse (lines 12-13) - translate (again, new concept)
affirmunt . . . casas suas incendisse (lines 13-14) - translate (new concept)
"epistula" story with worksheet (comp. questions for sections III-IV)
review answers and the story

Do Now: review of adjectives and adverbs Buzz quiz
Review and reteach with most missed items
"amici principis" comprehension questions
Review and double check a couple language items:
Domitianus consilium suum ad aulam arcessi iusserat (lines 2-3... checking understanding of the passive infinitive)
vir maximae auctoritatis (lines 3-4... genitive of description)
perturbaris (line 7... tense b/c tricky)
non intellego quare anxius sis (lines 7-8... what type of clause?)
perturbor and rogabor (lines 9 and 10... passive voice translation)
at nisi sciam quare Domitianus nos arcessiverit (lines 11-12... verb tenses and subjunctive clause)
advenisse (16), rebellavisse (17), deprehendisse (18)
tibi timendum est (line 19)

Do Now: finish amici principis questions (if needed); when done, translate lines 15-18 (alii . . . deprehendisse)
review the story and use lines 15-18 to transition to ATL 1.
read ATL 1 on indirect statement w/ perfect active infinitives, then complete the Buzz quiz
review progress and (re)teach
follow up with "Quintus says to Cogidubnus that..." worksheet (#1-3, 5... #4 is a perfect passive infinitive... save until end and see what they come up with)

Do Now: Translate the following sentences into Latin:
1. The army thinks that the countries are calling back several (men).
2. The army thinks that the countries have called back several (men).
3. The armies think that several (men) are being called back.
**Go to page 46 to help you with vocabulary.**

"consilium Domitiani I" (w/ worksheet)