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School Holiday

SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Watch this brief tutorial on the future passive. [3 min]
(2) Assess your understanding of the future passive with this Buzz quiz. [10 min]
(3) Review your understanding of the story honores with this worksheet on Classkick. [20 min]
(4) Review your understanding of present infinitives with "Infinitives: active, passive, deponent" on Classkick. [15 min]
Your test tomorrow will be similar to your previous tests: 40 multiple choice and free response questions, the majority of which will be about and derived from a story which you have not yet read.  Grammar questions will focus on assessing your understanding of (in order of item frequency): present passive infinitive, future passive tense, participles, ablative absolute and ablative of means, and subjunctive clauses.
Here is a Gimkit of the vocabulary that will appear on the test passage tomorrow.

Stage 34 Test

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
 Read and review Practicing the language 1 (future tense review) on p. 8 (see the attached copy of Stage 35)
(2) Take the Buzz quiz assessing your understanding of Practicing the language 1 (future tense review) on p. 8.
(3) Take this Gimkit to assess your understanding of the vocabulary of the story ex urbe.
(4) We will read the first 12 lines of ex urbe together using this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code mrryka)

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) We will look at a couple of "most missed" questions from the PTL Buzz quiz yesterday on the future tense.
(2) Refresh your memory of the vocabulary in ex urbe by taking (again) this Gimkit.
(3) We will read the story ex urbe together with this Pear Deck. (joinpd.com with code qxyzvy).