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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: most missed questions from "consilium Domitiani II" Buzz quiz
When done, focus on practicing review items (perfect active and passive infinitives, indirect statements)
"Infinitive variety" worksheet
"What's left over" worksheet (#1-3)
Indirect statement practice Buzz quiz

Do Now: finish "What's left over" worksheet (#3-6)
Use this Gimkit quiz to study the vocabulary featured on the test tomorrow.


Do Now: Stage 37 Test Most Missed Extra Credit Buzz Quiz
Stage 38 Imperatoris sententia (comprehension questions)
Practicing the language 2 (indirect statement review) on Buzz.

Do Now: most missed from PTL 2
Finish reading imperatoris sententia and review the answers to the comprehension questions
As we review, pay attention to the future active infinitives (modeling the correct tense translation and allowing students to fill in vocabulary)
Then, transition to About the language on p. 51 and explain the future active infinitives
Using eripere, iungere, regere (all on the St. 38 checklist), practice the morphology and 
review the ATL example sentences, then complete the Buzz quiz once
Follow up if needed, the begin reading the Polla story with fill-in-the-blank AM worksheet