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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Form the future active infinitives of prohibeo, eripio, polliceor, and orior
(most missed on ATL 1 Buzz quiz not needed) - review FA infinitive and how the rule is same with deponents
Follow up with "Verb Watch" worksheet and #14-16 (the verb "to be")
Then, look at #4-7 and see how kids deal with #5 (honorari)
Follow up with About the language 3: ind. stat. with pres. pass. infinitive on Buzz.
continue reading Polla story with fill-in-the-blank AM worksheet, and go over story/answers.

Do Now: "Indirect Statement Verb Tense Practice" Buzz quiz (5 fill-in-the-blank questions)
go over and review indirect statements as needed
"pridie nuptiarum" with worksheet parts A and B
Have students read through line 28 and answer the comp questions on the worksheet (through line 12)
Then, work together and have individual students translate for the class after a dramatic reading of the end of the story
Finally, give students 5 minutes to work on part B (grammar questions). Then review.
**note the small detail that Polla says that Helvidius has been missing for three days... while in Helvidius' letter to Glabrio in Stage 35, Helvidius says that his son stayed with him in the country for three days.
With any time left over, practice for vocab quiz.

Do Now: clear desk for quiz
STAGE 38 VOCABULARY QUIZ (all checklist words except familia, prohibere, and legere)
when done, Practicing the language 1 (present subjunctive practice) on Buzz,

Do Now: Give the present subjunctive version of the following verbs: ignoras, prohibemus, iungunt, eripit
We then discuss the perfect subjunctive with ATL 2... review the exercise in the book, then do the Buzz quiz once.
When done, look at confarreatio I... mostly getting the big picture here with general questions:
What is Polla's mom, Flavia, doing?
What does the enslaved person tell them?
Describe the scene in the atrium.
What about the ceremony seems similar to marriage ceremonies we are familiar with?
Then, take the confarreatio I Buzz quiz (2 attempts)
With time left, try the ATL 2 Buzz quiz again

Do Now: #1, 8-13, 17-18 on "Verb Watch" worksheet
Complete #1-6 of the "confarreatio" worksheet
When done, tear off this worksheet (with Verb Watch on one side and confarreatio on the other) and turn in
Last, complete #1-7 "Tenses of the Subjunctive" worksheet (these are tough sentences... a bit of an extension activity. Do not do #8 bc of content).