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SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Assess your understanding of indirect statements with the Buzz Quiz "About the language: indirect statement (2)."
(2) We will revisit vita rustica with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code xetccj) focusing on the language and syntax.

(1) We will start class by working on this "Snake Sentences" worksheet together.
(2) Assess your understanding of active and passive infinitives with this Buzz Quiz.
(3) Assess your understanding of ablative, accusative, and genitive case uses with this Buzz Quiz.
(4) Use the rest of the period to review for your test tomorrow.

Stage 35 Test

SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
 Let's talk about Justin Beiber! Kim Kardashian! Kanye West! Others who are terrible people!
(2) Read the recitationes culture essay on pp. 25-27 in Stage 36 and complete to the Buzz Quiz over that material as you read.
(3) Read and respond to Practicing the language 2 on p. 24.
(4) Assess your understanding of Practicing the language 2 by taking the Buzz Quiz.

SALVETE! Today's class will be mostly SYNCHRONOUS!
Take the first 10 minutes of class to work on your epigram about a celebrity.  You could also do a Cambridge character.  You will turn in your English epigram to me via this teams assignment by Monday, 6am.  You need to find a suitable visual to accompany it and illustrate your joke. If working with a partner, be sure to include both students' names on your submission.
(2) Take this Gimkit to learn the vocabulary of Marcus Valerius Martialis 1 .
(3) We will read Marcus Valerius Martialis 1 together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code hpjdic). [we will finish in class on Monday... got to the Martial coming down from the stage]