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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: On the "Inquisition" worksheet, answer questions #1-7 (getting reoriented back to the story)
Review the kids' answers, clear up any confusion with what's happening in the first 17 lines, then introduce Titus' narration of the wrath of Jupiter
With a partner, translate lines 22-34.
Review translations, then the kids should practice passive voice verbs with Practicing the language 2 Buzz quiz.

Do Now: most missed on PTL 2 (if needed) OR "ars grammatica" (#1-14)
When done, look back at the heredes principis II story... 15 second summary of what Titus narrates (lines 22-34), then take them through Domitian's response and then Publius' narration
Students read lines 37-41 (through arabant) and draw what they are reading on a white board. Vote on best drawing, then use it to discuss vocab and what is happening.
Do the same thing with 41 (hic..)-47 and discuss.
With time left, show them the perfect passive subjunctive and they'll do the Buzz quiz.

Do Now: clear desk
STAGE 39 VOCABULARY QUIZ When done with vocab quiz, look at Practicing the language 3 and take the Buzz quiz (one attempt
When everyone is done, with the quiz and the PTL on Buzz, evaluate Buzz quiz results and see what needs to be revisited/retaught.
Look at the ars grammatica worksheet which reviews grammar concepts that appear in heredes principis

Do Now: "He says that..." worksheet
Go over and evaluate progress
Then, with white boards, students give the infinitive if the sentences all said "Quintus was giving..." and "was approaching" etc. (i.e., the perfect active infinitive).
Extend to include the future active infinitives to see if they get that morphology as well.
Next, a first look at versus Ovidiani (p. 72)... answer comp questions 1-6 (covering lines 1-9).
After reviewing, we'll look at the pluperfect passive subjunctive and take that Buzz quiz.

Do Now: Most Missed of Pluperfect Passive Subjunctive Buzz quiz.
Review rules of subjunctive morphology and practice with white boards
Then, look at ATL 1: fear clause Buzz quiz (we talked about this a bit on Wednesday and did not have difficulty with it)
When done, read the rest of versus Ovidiani and answer #7-15 as well as the two discussion questions.
Establish meaning and try to get them into the art of this part of the poem... there's so much to talk about here... focus on that Discussion Question #2 (about tone). 

*End of Trimester 2