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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: ATL 2 word order Buzz Quiz (mostly, this is a noun-adjective agreement assessment).
go over most missed of ATL 2: word order (mostly noun morphology) and provide the figures of speech synchysis (interlocking word order... ABAB) and chiasmus (ABBA word order) to give names to the common arrangement we keep seeing.
Next, we will review subjunctive forms with the "Subjunctive Morphology" Buzz Quiz (1 attempt... then most missed to review what we're having trouble with)
Last, we will look at the "sententias comple" to practice how those forms fit into syntax
With time left, allow more time for additional attempts on these two Buzz quizzes.

Do Now: Using the "Fearful mix-up" worksheet, on a sheet of paper, come up with the (a) easiest sentence, (b) weirdest sentence, and (c) hardest sentences. Don't forget you can use either ut or ne. Leave two lines between each sentence.
After a few minutes, each student switches papers with another and translates the three sentences.
Go over... do a few together on the board.
Then, look at the "Uses of the subjunctive" worksheet. Identify each subjunctive clause and then translate #1-3, 8-9.
Look at the test review sheet and give the rest of the period for the kids to practice with Buzz quizzes.
Click on this link to practice the vocabulary that will feature on the test.


Do Now: extra credit quiz When done, translate the Latin that appears on p. 84 (St. 40 model sentences) Review the translations... explain what is going on with the tenses (e.g., why "Salvius responded that he IS innocent." is incorrect) After that, let's read the last chapter of the novel! Salvius is being put on trial... why???? List all the terrible things he's done...
With accusatio I, just read the story aloud expressively and then ask:
(a) Who's who in the picture, based on what you just heard (after reading the 1st para.)
(b) What various suggestions to people offer Salvius? (2nd para.)
(c) What role is Memor playing? Why? (3rd para.)
(d) What's Domitian doing during all this? (4th para.)
Last, take the Buzz quiz over accusatio 1

Do Now: accusatio I worksheet (B only, and just pick the correct phrase/clause to fill in the blank/do not translate)... do this from memory (w/o looking at book; the exact wording is used)
Review answers and then pre-read the accusatio II story by taking the Buzz quiz (10 questions, 15 minutes... one attempt).  When done, begin translating the first paragraph. Go over any most missed and translate the story together. Evaluate how we translate the participial clauses and the indirect statements.
With class time left, in which case I'd like them to review passive voice with PTL 1 (on paper, no Buzz quiz)