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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

AP GoPo until 11:50 (so, (nearly?) all will miss almost entire class period)

About half of students will miss first half of class and another group will need to leave early because of AP mock exams
Do Now: Take the "Subjunctive Morphology" Buzz Quiz (2 attempts if needed)
When done, look at the "sententias comple" to practice how those forms fit into syntax... on board, prompt that they need to figure out whether the verb needed will be an infinitive (b/c indirect statement) or subjunctive (b/c of a subjunctive clause)
As period goes on, check in with individual students on the Buzz quiz and at the end of class, review the worksheet.

A few students will miss because of AP Physics mock exam
Do Now: ATL 2 word order Buzz Quiz (mostly, this is a noun-adjective agreement assessment).
go over most missed of ATL 2: word order (mostly noun morphology) and provide the figures of speech synchysis (interlocking word order... ABAB) and chiasmus (ABBA word order) to give names to the common arrangement we keep seeing.
Using the "Fearful mix-up" worksheet, on a sheet of paper, come up with the (a) easiest sentence, (b) weirdest sentence, and (c) hardest sentences. Don't forget you can use either ut or ne. Leave two lines between each sentence.
After a few minutes, each student switches papers with another and translates the three sentences.
Go over... do a few together on the board.
Then, look at the "Uses of the subjunctive" worksheet. Identify each subjunctive clause and then translate #1-3, 8-9.
No test for this stage - when we return from break, we will dive into THE LAST CHAPTER!!! We'll have a test over Stages 39-40.

Rodeo Break

Rodeo Break