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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: read back over accusatio II and answer the following questions (based on most missed from accusatio II Buzz quiz)
1. Name at least two things that Myropnous revealed to Domitia.
2. Give at least two rumors that were circulating about Aquae Sulis and Salvius.
3. How did Salvius' friends react to Salvius, now under suspicion of these things?
Review what's going on in the story and then students read the first paragraph on their own silently (p. 86) for two minutes... give them a heads up that Domitian is the subject of addidit in line 5.
Just work out the basic idea together briefly, and then go back through and translate the paragraph as a class. Keep the pace up.
Then, read the second in Latin... exaggerate the ridiculous claims.
Last... 3rd paragraph... QUINTUS SHOWS UP! Again, read it in Latin. Then go back through and figure out what Quintus affirmed/declared/testified to (affirmavit, line 18).
With the last 15 minutes, look at Practicing the language 1 on p. 93 (no Buzz quiz... write in notes).

Do Now: "ars grammatica" worksheet (#1-12 only) Review these grammatical concepts and then the kids pair up to translate lines 23-35.
Look at indirect statements through About the language and go through the examples in part B.
They've seen a bunch of the 3b variety (accusatores affirmaverunt... commisisse), but not many of the other varieties (puer dixit.. revenire is especially difficult) with white boards
Finally, take the Buzz Quiz, go over most missed, allow additional attempts (in class or at home).

Do Now: "cognitio" Buzz Quiz (one attempt)
Go over most missed items and then their translations of the story (at a quick pace)
With partner, read desperatio I and answer comp questions on p. 89... review answers/story together
Look at most missed questions on ATL 1 indirect statement Buzz Quiz 
On "Quintus says/said that..." worksheet, pick correct forms and translate the indirect statements for #1 and #2 (if time, #3-4 as well) 

Do Now: desperatio I comprehension questions Buzz Quiz (one attempt)
review what happened in desperatio I
translate desperatio II with a partner (trigger warning... discussion of suicide) and go over
"Infintive Practice" Buzz quiz

damnatio Buzz Quiz
"Indirect Statement" worksheet
ATL 2: more gerundives Buzz Quiz
"damnatio" worksheet