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SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
 Take this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code yiugfa) to review your understanding of venatio 1, which we read on Friday, and also your reading and understanding of venatio 2.
(2) Be sure you respond to my feedback both as I give it in class and check back later today/tomorrow to make any necessary changes.  You will be graded for accuracy.
(3) Read About the language 3: vocative case and watch this video tutorial.
(4) Take the Buzz quiz over About the language 3: vocative case.

SALVETE! Today's class is (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
Today is all about seeing whether you are ready for your test on Friday.

Objective #1: Mastering the story content and vocabulary from this stage
(1) Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary that will be included in the story on the test
(2) Take this "venatio II comprehension questions" Buzz quiz to review your understanding of the story venatio II
(3) Take this "verum aut falsum" Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: nicgyr*you'll need ear buds/headphones
Objective #2: Mastering the imperative mood and vocative case (About the language 2 and 3)
(1) Take this "More imperative practice" Buzz quiz
(2) Take this "Vocative and Imperative Snake Sentences" Buzz quiz
Objective #3 Mastering forms of hic and ille
(1) Take this "hic and ille" Buzz quiz
You should also be practicing with every other Buzz quiz from Stage 19, especially if you find that you're having trouble with any of the above.  I have pulled all the grades from all previous quizzes, so you can take and retake any/all of them to prepare for your test on Friday.
Need extra practice on reading comprehension, noun cases, and other concepts?  There are several more Buzz quizzes in the Stage 19 folder practicing all of these things as well.