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SALVETE! Today's class will be (half) SYNCHRONOUS!
 Take this Gimkit to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of our stories today!
(2) We will go look at the Stage 20 Model Sentences together with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: jtyfih)
(3) Read the story remedium astrologi with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: yhxcgq).
(4) Review imperatives by reading and completing Practicing the language 2 (p. 142)
(5) Take the Buzz quiz over Practicing the language 2 to assess your understanding of imperatives

SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS.
We start class today by looking at a few grammatical skills that we need to sharpen (imperatives, degrees of adjectives, and different meanings of quam).  Log into this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code syxvjw) and wait for me (this is teacher-paced).
(2) Refresh your memory of the remedium astrologi vocabulary by taking this Gimkit again (this is the same one you took on Monday).
(3) Enhance your understanding of the story remedium astrologi by watching this Edpuzzle video and answering the questions.
(4) Next, assess your understanding of the story remedium astrologi by taking the Buzz quiz "remedium astrologi consolidation."

*End of Trimester 1*
SALVETE! Today's class will be ASYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Get familiar with the vocabulary of the story Petro with this Gimkit.
(2) Watch the re-enactment video for the story Petro and answer the questions on EdPuzzle.
(3) Test your knowledge of the story Petro with this Buzz quiz.