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Do Now: Fill in the blanks in Practicing the language 2 and then take the Buzz quiz
Stage 19 Model Sentences: teacher led with white boards
Last part of ppt is Q&A with just pics (no captions).. who is who? etc. 
Write 2-3 sentences about the last picture (the two guys looking at Helena)
Aristo - translate
"Aristo Story Consolidation" on Buzz

Wednesday (Ar/Xe/Rn only)
The Lost City of Pompeii

Thursday (Ne/Kr only)
Veterans' Day Holiday

"Get Better Day!"
We had a hard time with our Stage 18 Test, so we will look back and relearn the following:
(1) The difference in translation between imperfect and perfect tense verbs
(2) noun-adjective agreement
(3) relative pronouns (as they relate in gender/number to their antecedents, and how to determine case)
(4) 4th and 5th declension nouns
The Stage 18 Extra Credit quiz is due Monday at 6am. Earn up to 15 points added onto your test grade.