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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: "Aristo" worksheet exercise (choose correct word/phrase only) [toward back of worksheet packet]
Review new cast of characters with worksheet (translate some sentences from worksheet along the way)
dies festus 1 - read together, translate
Buzz quiz: "dies festus (grammar/translation)"
dies festus 2 - watch video, answer comprehension questions
St. 19 Vocab Quiz on Friday: same model sentences and all words EXCEPT amare, fluere, gratias ago, hasta, and locus

Do Now: finish comprehension questions on p. 119 about dies festus 2 using the "dies festus 2 Comprehension Questions" Buzz Quiz
pompa: read first paragraph and draw what you read on your white board (5 minutes)... be sure to include every part!
pair up students, then each student has one minute to describe picture in Latin w/o looking at the text... then second member of pair does it
watch video reenactment of rest of story.
Watch a second time... every time you hear ill-, yell "that" or "those" (so, discern singular/plural)
sentences and phrases to highlight:
specta illas rosas, quae feminae in viam spargunt (lines 7-8)
specta illam puellam! puellam pulchriorem quam illam raro vidi (lines 10-12)
audite illos tubicines! audite illum sonitum! (lines 17-18)
specta illam stolam! (line 25)
hic iuvenis forte tibi nocuit (line 35)
and check for basic comprehension with "pompa Reading Comprehension" Buzz Quiz
About the language 1: hic and ille - discuss, then Buzz quiz
Display model sentences to superimpose forms of ille to demonstrate that we aren't learning much that is new. Then show hic, whose forms are a bit more different (although not as different as we may first think)

T1 Awards Ceremony (outside of class... 12:20-12:45pm)
STAGE 19 VOCABULARY QUIZ (same model sentences and all words EXCEPT amare, fluere, gratias ago, hasta, and locus)
About the language 2: imperatives - when done, watch tutorial and complete quiz (3 attempts)
with time left in class, we will revisit pompa by rewatching the video and then by using the "who said what?" AM worksheet, but complete without looking at the story